BLACKPINK LISA’s Concerning Obsession with Plastic Surgery

From constantly changing her nose and getting lip fillers, she is now getting fillers to alter her bum. When will she be satisfied?

After a photo had gone viral, it was quickly hushed by fans over the bruises and abnormalities of her bottom when it was simply healing of fillers. According to medical experts, it takes approximately one month to heal. However, as she had the BORN PINK tour, she had to continue despite the bruising.

Regarding the numerous plastic surgeries, one cannot complete the list without the alternations of her ethnic nose. Too many different photos for it to be refuted by fans as “natural.” As well as her new lips, which is a pity as there is nothing wrong with her Thai features. Many kpop Thai idols have debuted without severe alternations to their face.

It appears that she has changed her lips so much that there is bruising, according to her latest Instagram post. 

She had initially inherited her mother’s beauty, but as there’s been so many “fixes,” she can no longer say she looks the same.

Is it the harsh beauty standards of the industry or is it simply an obsession to fix her face for her white billionaire boyfriend, Frederic Arnault? Fans have grown concerned as the excessive plastic surgeries might lead to a Park Bom situation.

It seems like it has already begun.