BLACKPINK members are discussing renewing their contracts with YG + Reactions

According to Star News, the four members of BLACKPINK are all leaning towards renewing their contracts with YG Entertainment

The scale and reception of the group’s current world tour have greatly impacted their decision

BLACKPINK is holding the largest world tour out of all K-Pop girl groups, which will visit 32 cities worldwide for a total of 57 shows


“They should demand for musical freedom as a condition. We need that JNK1, 3rd full album with 10+ tracks, and full albums for all members as a soloist”

“As much as YG is quite strict in terms of comeback and contents, I personally hope they renew their contract. I can’t imagine them moving to new agency esp when they are at their peak career”

“Hoping them make good condition before renewing please”

“I hope they state their own requirements, comebacks, collabs, credits etc”

“I hope they have condition for YG like 2 comebacks a year, more promotion in Korea and internationally, allows the members to write their own songs, sub-unit and solo comebacks for every members”

“I’m support them no matter what. The girls know what their doing and they are not renewing without making sure all the needs and wants are met”

“They deserve better conditions”

“I know certain fandoms are hitting their head in the wall”

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Jennie can't sing bc GD's cock is in her mouth

We all know they’re disbanding.

They will never lol. You’re jealous they are still popular and every member have equal popularity. The rare case in kpop grp. Even bts cant have the same equal of popularity lol. Funny how their fans are loud that they support each member equally


Lisa is ahead. They r not equally popular


without the blackpink brand, nobody cares about lisa outside thailand


Idc if they will disband or not , but I’m curious about what they gonna do after that


Akgaes and Armys found crying in the corner. They’ve been wishing the group to disband lmfaooo

dot com bubble

They won’t disband, that’s the truth. Outside of YG, who would care about them honestly. In YG, they can just release 1-2 songs every two years or an album every 2 years. They don’t even need to practice their choreography because they have video compilation of just forgetting to dance even though their choreo is so basic. And Blinks will just swallow it all.

Who would quit a low effort job lol.


Why would they care? Even jimin with horrible voice placed no1 on hot100. At the end kpop stan would never care abt talent. Imagine adele debut in korea..she will never have the big fandom and will never ever sold million copies album

Color color stan

Stop crying on pannkpop of all places lol


Ofc they’ll renew. They need to use the Blackpink title to stay relevant


Why do you think your fav will be still relevant without the their grp title lol. Jennie outsold everyone in korea. Shes the it girl. Even ‘korea it boy’ pigmin is outstream by jisoo in korea..when jennie comeback, it will be bigger than every song your fav released. So stay pressed. Go watch to your fav horrible voice

John Xina

That was near 5 yes ago. Now she makes the news for losing her Korean CFs dues to damaging the sales of the brands 💀


There is no way they will disband but some may go to Black Label

lili lover

if not YG, where do y’all think they would go?


I knew they will continue their contract. Just like I expected. They need mediaplay & yg is extremely good at it.

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