BLACKPINK members dominate the ranking of female idols who sold the most magazine copies

BLACKPINK members dominate the ranking of female idols who sold the most magazine copies

These are the TOP 7 female idols with the highest magazine sales on Ktown4u

7 Jennie – Harper’s Bazaar 2021.04 (9,501 sales)

6 Nayeon – Harper’s Bazaar 2020.07 (9,922 sales)

5 Jisoo – ELLE 2019.12 (10,526 sales)

4 Lisa – allure 2020.06 (10,999 sales)

3 Jisoo – Marie Claire 2020.09 (11,463 sales)

2 Lisa – ELLE 2021.04 (11,639 sales)

1 Rosé – ELLE 2020.07 (25,777 sales)

Nayeon is the only female idol other than BLACKPINK members in TOP 7

BLACKPINK members show that their popularity is no joke

I thought Jennie ranked #1, but I was surprised that it was Rosé

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Jennie ranked last among BP lol that was surprising, i thought she would rank second… Jisoo’s popularity is growing a lot in this comeback and Rose is having the biggest sales on everything (thought she was last because of the views, likes and followers on social media but i guess not), it looks like after this comeback, bp popularity bar is 1. Rose 2.Lisa 3.Jisoo 4.Jennie


Having views, like and followers is great but at the end of the day what matters most is how many of those followers are actually contributing to sales. Rosé’s fanbase consists mostly of grown up working adults who can’t always be present for mass streaming her videos or liking her every post but they’re a loyal fanbase who definitely shows up to support her with whatever work she puts out which is why her sales are always high.


youre right! Its better to have grown up fans that kids, i guess Lisa and Jennie’s fandom has a lot of them and that is why their solo stans have such bad reputation (never heard of rose’s or jisoo’s fans accusing someone for copying their fav).
Which would you say that is their actual ranking regarding popularity? 🤔


I am also very surprised by the result, so happy for Rose

But I wasn’t done

Jennie is a media played flop.


I’m not at all surprised by this lol… My bias has been Rosé since the start because of her aura, charisma, and intelligence in knowing how to use her visual to captivate people strategically… I am a Blink but I will never hesitate to give credit where credit is due. Rosé’s charm has always caught my eye and she has the most appealing and strategic modeling poses. ***There’s a difference between “looking pretty” (which is common nowadays from makeup and plastic surgery too) and knowing how to use “pretty to your advantage,” which Rosé does so well.

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