BLACKPINK members don’t sign individual contracts with YG

[Exclusive] ‘BLACKPINK 4 members’ is maintained… Group contract YES, individual contract Unknown

Girl group BLACKPINK continues their group activities. However, the exclusive contract between each member and YG Entertainment was not signed. In the future, they plan to do individual activities and only participate in BLACKPINK’s activities together

1. YG will never create a group like BLACKPINK again. Anyway, I’ll wait for BLACKPINK’s album

2. Even if it’s not YG, I still want to watch BLACKPINK

3. So when will they announce it?????????

4. Honestly, it would be easier for the members to work if they were under the same company

5. I just want to continue listening to BLACKPINK’s songs..ㅜㅜ

6. There are so many rumors that I don’t believe it unless it’s official

7. Please release Rosé’s full album

8. I’m so curious about Jennie, I think Rosé will go to America

9. It’s just to protect the stock price

10. In fact, BLACKPINK disbanded

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