BLACKPINK reveals concept photos for ‘BORN PINK’ and netizens talk about it

BLACKPINK’s 2nd album ‘BORN PINK’ Concept Poster 2nd Album ‘BORN PINK’ – 2022.09.16 1PM (KST)

1. Daebak, I’m really curious about the song

2. It’s probably a song that’s stronger than Pink Venom

3. This concept is perfect for Lisa

4. I scrolled down and saw Lisa and was shocked. Lisa is crazy, the concept suits her so well

5. I’m really looking forward to BLACKPINK ㅜㅜ

6. I think people will like the concept when they see Rosé

7. I’m curious about the song, and Jennie’s photo came out well

8. I like the photos of Rosé and Lisa

9. I thought Jennie’s orange hair didn’t suit her, but she looks good

10. Jisoo is really cool, the concept is perfect ㅠㅠ

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