BLACKPINK Rosé shines with her gorgeous visuals at the Tiffany event

BLACKPINK Rosé’s Instagram update

1. She’s freaking pretty

2.Cute, pretty and elegant ㅠ princess!

3.So pretty, Rosé’s aura is amazing

4.Rosé is so pretty these days ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

5.She looks like Nicola Peltz in those photos

6.She’s really classy

7.I don’t really like the term ‘high end’, but there’s no other way to talk about her

8.Chaeyoung is obsessed with curling her hair these days.. She’s so pretty

9.Why is she so pretty these days?

10.Chaeyoung, please make your solo comeback with this style

11.Is light eye makeup trendy today?

12.It’s Tiffany’s event, she’s seriously pretty

13.This is Princess Rosé

14.I really like Rosé’s vibe

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