BLACKPINK won the ‘Group of the Year’ award at the 2023 VMA (2 awards)

For reference, they are the first girl group to win this award in 24 years since TLC in 1999

‘Pink Venom’ also won the Best Choreography award

1. Of course BLACKPINK is the best girl group

2. BLACKPINK is the best

3. Congratulations to BLACKPINK

4. Daebak daebakkkkkkk


6. As expected from BLACKPINK

7. Is VMA a famous awards ceremony? Is it like MAMA in Korea?

8. BLACKPINK is amazing

9. Wow BLACKPINK is so cool

10. 24 years???? Crazy

11. Wow BLACKPINK is daebak

12. I’m looking forward to their concert

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