BLACKPINK’s Jennie was criticized for ignoring all the reporters and fans who waited for her at the airport

What’s up with Jennie’s attitude?

She ignored all the reporters and fans who waited for her at the airport and didn’t even look at them

For reference, the other members made eye contact with fans and greeted reporters

It’s not the first time that Jennie acts like that. The other members all greeted, smiled and talked to the fans but she was the only one hiding her face and lowering her head

Jennie, I hope that you can fix this attitude

[+753, -552]

1. [+637, -141] Do you hate Jennie this much? She greeted everyone. Why are you bull$hitting as if she didn’t?

2. [+470, -116] She turned back to greet the people but did you delete that part? BTS akgaes are talking about “that person”. Please leave them alone

3. [+373, -410] Are the two of them dating because they’re similar? Or because they’re dating, they started resembling one another?

4. [+283, -297] It reminds me of that person…

5. [+207, -136] People say that they are starting to resemble each other, it’s true

6. [+68, -17] She greeted everyone, but the other members all had good service, so she was compared

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White cat

Airport is not media meeting. They don’t need to greet anyway is they choose to waste their own time there.


They are not president. Why would she care?

Jungkook Oppa

So Jennie only cares about men like the slut she is

Lisa oppa

She only care about VIP 😭

Jimin Unnie

like Taehyung only cares about VIPs and that elite Joanna Chun 😭


You are always thinking about him don’t you fucking bitch ?that horrible pig you stan must be too fucking boring


The pig in question = baldhyung. Obsessed fad thats what you are everyone notices its a troll but you want to be obsessed.

Last edited 1 month ago by 💗

She = Jimin


You = Loving shitty idols like yourself


she = jenfad


LMAO Both she and he should d1e and get r*pe and get k*lled



WhatsThe Point

Dragging tae in this when he actually sent a weverse message as soon as he got in the car and was waving to the fans from the car whose video was conveniently not talked abt in the articles bashing him.

pretty but

as soon? more like when he got critised


it was even before that. the security had to told him to just walk straight ahead and mind u, he did wave.


bruh he literally waved out the window and he wrote a message in weverse while in the car. not at you making up lies now. the critism didn’t even happen yet


Ever since Jennie’s security issues got exposed her stans and kpoppies been making it their job to try and drag Tae down and using him to shield their fad whenever she does some dumb shit. He never had these issues before her big face came into the picture. The worse thing to ever happen to Taehyung is Jennie and her freak stans tbh

Last edited 1 month ago by Shug
Confused 🤔

I don’t understand why people so entitled to something. Its great if she greets them, if not, so what😂
People love to hate over something trivial.


she’s so privileged


Rude jenfad strikes again

Jimin Unnie

Not as rude as baldhyung


Why are pig stans here. Your fad gets dragged in 4k because of how ugly and untalented he is. Not even plastic surgery can save his face but you are more worried about Tae? And not confirmed tax evader stans the disgrace of bts talking about taehyung who is called the most respectful idol by reporters and was on news for years because of his manners. The same media who asked jimin to leave the group cuz he was tarnishing bts image by doing tax fraud and V won state honours for being an upright citizen lmao. Piggie stans and their one sided obsession with taehyung cuz their fave is too boring and ugly


The double standards lmaoo… her lazy and arrogant ass should apologise.


No baldhyung get away with it without bow, why would she


Worry Koreans calling your slut Jennie a Seoul Cycle because she just can’t stop hoe’n


they do not call her that. a random twittrer anii said it and armys ran with it. You’ll mad she not getting dragged the way you think she is despite those dating rumours knets do not care much.


Koreans absolutely call her that y’all just can’t except the fact that it’s globally acknowledged that Jennie is a loose hoe.


you can never show that sk ever called her that, she is so loved there that no one even dare to point fingers, even tho they are dating rumors, she still have a big fanbase in sk and talking abt loose hoe as if your mom, sister hasn’t has loose hoe too, theyre women just like jennie, probably date too,


i stayed in korea and Jennie is very loved in sk, no one called her these names ever. school, college girls look upto her as a female idol with amazing fashion sense and talent for singing and rapping. Next to IU, Jennie is 2nd most popular female idol in sk, anti called her name who is jealous of her, her face plastered everywhere in sk. Seoul cycle name made up by a lisa anti for her dating rumors, and they want baldyhyung for lisa


he didn’t get away w it but maybe jenfad went away with her pussy wrecked


lisa is the one who has her pussy wrecked by her steph father 🤐 she even visit strip club the whore that she id, learning from her mother for suree

Screw bully idols

sis you cant even write properly nor make any sense, just be quiet and stop embarrassing yourself lmao 💀


she done nothing wrong.

Lazy Banana

Idc if you’re a Blink or an ARMY or whatever group you stan, if you go to the airport to see a tired and jet lagged kpop idol and act entitled to a wave and a smile, fuck you.

You are not entitled to anything. You are an uninvited pest. Hybe, Bighit and I’m sure other companies, have released multiple fan etiquettes that says NO ONE should be going to the airport whether it’s a public or private schedule. You are not paying your favs anything for a fucking smile at your direction at an airport after a longass flight. Sit the fuck down.


She’s an arrogant tryhard. Only cares about the next dick she gonna climb on and sneaking into the next Hollywood party. Trash individual.


you sound like your projecting when jennie minding her business and people are bothered by that. She does not need to try at all and good for her living her life and attending party. She not a social reject like you.


Jennie and her stans (you especially) are the social rejects. Yawl can’t move without involving Taehyung in your whores scandals. But then again slutnnie can’t do anything without attaching herself to some man for clout. Desperate social climber with twink y/ns for stans. Embarrassing


Are you talking about your fav


Nah it clear I’m talking about bloat faced fadnnie. The talentless whore with weak ankles and zero eyebrows


😂 making insult over baldyhyung eho cant speak korean properly and called dvmb by the whole fandom, no main position in his own group, no one even knows him outside sk, and depend on his friends for getting acting gigs and jobs, says a lot abt how fcktard he is,


Same like her boyfriend. Full of fakeness


GD Iktfr. Both are freaks

lisa and taehyung go solo

At least i’m glad i stan lisa and she would never do something like this


Lisa is so talented I love her


What….why are you comparing jenwhore to the kim taehyung idol of idols. Tae has a clean image and is loved in korea dont compare him to someone who is only known for her reputation as a pr0st1tute like jennie is.


Worry about your taehyung hangging out with Madam Jung on burning sun bar way back then who is known for sponsoring male kpop idols lol

Jesus will kill pigmin

Lmao taesht is dating jenfad, match made in heaven. I can’t wait the day when she announce her pregnancy with him

Last edited 1 month ago by Jesus will kill pigmin
Jungkook Oppa

Why are people comparing jennie slut to Taehyung. Taehyung won’t fuck that whore when he has jungkookie to satisfy him

celine boy

I’m tired of seeing Tae always being involved in the scandals of this irrelevant boar. They say she behaves like her boyfriend ok then she behaves like g dragon. Stop involving tae in this ffs. It’s been a year LEAVE HIM ALONE

Your fave tanked

I’m warning jennie stans…you all better leave taehyung alone. you won’t like it to have kths as enemies…we already drag her but you haven’t seen anything yet…we can destroy her career. So better keep Tae’s name out of jennie’s scandals

Last edited 1 month ago by Your fave tanked

ooo scary be serious youll can not do anything to her.




Stop tying Jennie’s shitty behavior to Tae. She is responsible for her stupid actions. For the first time in his idol life, Tae didn’t greet fans. Because the fans were stamping out front. He didn’t want anyone to be crushed in that rainy weather. But Jennie doesn’t just greet fans out of laziness. There is a difference and jendogs have already started making up lies 🤡

Idol of idols

taehyung too busy on his own business so why do yall want to involve him in this mess so bad😭 slutnnie stans keep his name out of your stinky mouths, pretty boy will never fuck that whore

It DuoTK9597

Jenwhore Stans are obsessed with my boys like yesterday yall were throwing tantrums and dragging Jungkook over a follow and now coming for Tae unprovoked? Yall are so insecure but it is understandable since yall stan that lazy fad aka endedbyJisoonnie


at what point are they talking about your fav? stupid bitch learn to read and understand

Teenaged puppy

Using Tae to cover this whores bad behavior is mental. Tae please continue to distance yourself from these delusional monkeys


Shes hiding her face…

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