BLACKPINK’s tour box office data shocks netizens

BLACKPINK North American + Europe tour’s box office data revealed

Their Asian concert (excluding Korea) and encore concert haven’t been calculated yet

1. Wow BLACKPINK is daebak

2. BLACKPINK is crazy

3. I hope that BLACKPINK promotes for a long time as singers

4. BLACKPINK is so cool

5. It would be great if they combine Japan tour and Asia tour

6. When will they hold a concert in Korea again? I want to go

7. It reminds me of the days when Theqoo made up that BLACKPINK’s concert had no audience

8. BLACKPINK is the legendary girl group

9. They have a lot of tours, but there’s no seat for me

10. I live in Mexico and the kids here are traveling to the USA to see the BLACKPINK concert, BTS and BLACKPINK are so popular

11. They’re making history, not in Korea, but as if they’re the best girl group in the world right now


13. BLACKPINK is crazy, I’m so proud of them

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Color color stan

Lol yg will keep them touring for 2 years just to surpass bts’ record and then mediaplay the shit out of it lolololol


I’ve even seen them give away free concert tickets in their last game lol they are just mediaplay balloons 🎈


Source: trust me dude. Dont yall have flopga solo to focus on?


we are focusing on him 😹


act, not surprised bc gd gave tonne of free tickets to j-uni students- just got some koreans to randomly give out so the concert didn’t look empty. also saw $17-21 bp tickets (chicago) the prev round and some cheap tickets in that range in atlanta.


They’re not Hybe or SM group


Not everything center around your oppar🤢 yikes


yes it is


Hahahahahhaha look at bitter armys feeling the pain in her ass


I think yall forget BTS literally earned 230M (3.4M tickets sold) from their mini tour series with PTD on stage (11 shows). there’s literally nothing for armys to be jealous about, be so very serious 😭 even trying to compare the two is ridiculous


Then why are yall armpits camping on bp articles here, go take a shower


says the fandom who is 24/7 crying about bts 😹


My faves have to because they can’t fill stadiums in the west so they have to do more arena shows to catch up to BTS

Color color stan

Suga just became the best selling korean soloist on hanteo on its first day while your favs can’t sell a t shirt. sit down lmao


We don’t care bout yall mass buying behaviour but at least make it match with the streams😝 No one listen to his songs plus its out of chart ady


bts’s box office record is 233m $ 😂
they need 10 years to break it


what’s the point if they can’t even sing or dance?


Can’t sing = jimin and momo

Color color stan

Excuse me, we have tons of videos of dozensoo as proof


way better than jimid


LMAO? tell that to your tone deaf auto tune oppars. It’s better to call them overly famous dancers not singers.

Like Crazy

Yes they have to give free tickets everywhere

Blackpink the youtube slaves

Just go to their french shop. For any purchase you win a ticket lmao

Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑

So funny 😐

Blackpink the youtube slaves

Yes it’s hilarious to see them flop that hard


Armys making shit up to discredit the girls everytime


no they are saying the truth


We blinks are so good at self victimization. We really should win an award… i mean someone’s should since our faves don’t


Stop copying my name and get a lifee


cringe post…

Color color stan

If armys watch bp’s concerts they would have sold out stade de france 😂


I love how mad the comments are, with the way their tour are going, BP will be active for atleast another 5 years or so. You can hate them all you want but doesn’t change the fact that the girls are getting richer.

Slvthyung is being passed around by wooga


Slvthyung is being passed around by wooga

Why can’t armiies be nice for once?

we dgaf wtf. 😂 you are the ones crying here

Color color stan

Because your favs are being passed around by old men and caught in 4k being seoul cycles 😜

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