BLACKPINK’s tour box office data shocks netizens

BLACKPINK North American + Europe tour’s box office data revealed

Their Asian concert (excluding Korea) and encore concert haven’t been calculated yet

1. Wow BLACKPINK is daebak

2. BLACKPINK is crazy

3. I hope that BLACKPINK promotes for a long time as singers

4. BLACKPINK is so cool

5. It would be great if they combine Japan tour and Asia tour

6. When will they hold a concert in Korea again? I want to go

7. It reminds me of the days when Theqoo made up that BLACKPINK’s concert had no audience

8. BLACKPINK is the legendary girl group

9. They have a lot of tours, but there’s no seat for me

10. I live in Mexico and the kids here are traveling to the USA to see the BLACKPINK concert, BTS and BLACKPINK are so popular

11. They’re making history, not in Korea, but as if they’re the best girl group in the world right now


13. BLACKPINK is crazy, I’m so proud of them

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