Boy groups that were most popular among the fans born between 1997 to 2000 during their middle school days

BEAST (Now Highlight)



Produce 2 + Wanna One

1. There’s Wanna One, but it’s weird that there’s no BTS..? Both did well at the same time..

2. BTS got the Daesang in 2016, but Produce’s popularity was so strong that people couldn’t feel BTS’ popularity at that time

3. Why is there no BIGBANG and BTS???

4. Didn’t Wanna One debut in 2017? BTS got their first Daesang in 2016, why did you skip BTS while adding EXO?

5. I agree that people didn’t feel BTS’ popularity at that time, but BEAST and Infinite shouldn’t have been there

6. I think it’s BIGBANG, EXO, BTS, and Produce 2

7. I was born in 1999 and there were a lot of people who liked BTS during their middle school days

8. EXO and Wanna One were so popular at that time, but BTS has been the one top group since 2016, right?

9. BTS was at the top when Wanna One debutedㅋㅋㅋ

10. Where is BTS?

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