Boycott BTS? Will that really help in Scooter Braun’s resigning? Let’s talk!

Recently, some international armys have decided to boycott BTS and Hybe until Scooter Braun – the CEO of Hybe America dosent resign or is fired. Will this really help in our goal?

Till now, only ARMYS have been boycotting BTS, all the other fans of hybe groups are helping their idols reach new heights. They are streaming and buying their albums. Le sserafim is about to make their first hot 100 debut. In comparison, V’s new solo song is to be released and Jhope’s new album, which they worked before enlisting, is decided to be boycotted by ARMYS. I don’t think they understand how boycotting works. Not streaming BTS will only harm BTS, not hybe since they are gaining huge profits from their other groups.

Furthermore, k-armys will support jhope and v, it’s only international fans trying to boycott their idols.

If they really cared about the genocide, they would have boycotted Jungkook’s album – in which scooter was responsible for most of the collabs and producers. This is such a hypocritical move from them.

I have also hear that they will harass people who will be present for jhope’s pop up store launch – how low can these people go? Harming your own Idols.

If this goes on, BTS is gonna be left behind while the other groups are reaching new heights.