‘Broad shoulders, slim waist and long legs’ RIIZE Anton shocks netizens with photos wearing a crop top on Instagram

RIIZE Anton’s Instagram update (Feat. crop top)

1. Hul his body is so pretty

2. His shoulders are wide, his waist is small, his upper body is short but his legs are long, is this possible?

3. His body is crazy

4. No, his body lines are really good, I’m jealous

5. He has broad shoulders but how is his waist so slim?

6. His proportions are crazy. Broad shoulders, slim waist and long legs ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. I don’t like male idols wearing crop tops, so why does he look so good???

8. His body is so hot

9. His proportions are crazy

10. I feel like he’s a swimmer

11. His shoulders are broad, but what’s happening to his waist?

12. Crazy, he looks the best of any man in a crop top I’ve ever seen

13. His legs are really long

14. His proportions are really good…

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