BTOB Lee Minhyuk’s comment “Please contribute to the birthrate, my friends” is causing controversy

BTOB Lee Minhyuk’s comment, “Please contribute to the birthrate, my friends” is controversial… “Rude” vs “Unfair”

Lee Minhyuk, who left a message for his fans the other day, shared his friend’s wedding schedule and said things like “There have been so many weddings”, “Everyone is getting married” and “Please contribute to the birthrate, my friends.”

1. Isn’t this something you might say to your friends who are getting married? But they’re really making a fuss about it

2. Can’t he do that with his friends?

3. It seems like he said that to his friends who were getting married and not to his fans

4. Honestly, isn’t that what everyone says? Idols are not robots

5. It felt like he was saying that to a friend… but it’s better not to talk about the birthrate in the female fandom

6. Why did he say that to female fans?

7. So he told his fans that he told his friend to contribute to the birthrate?

8. If you say something bad to your friends, will they be upset?

9. Why did he tell his fans what he wanted to tell his friends? It is also a sensitive issue

10. He can say such things through KakaoTalk, but why does he use Bubble

11. Why did he say the things he wanted to say to his friends through a fan communication app? Is there no group chat room?

12. Who cares if he does it to his friend?

13. Don’t talk about the birthrate with female fans

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