BTS’ achievement that half of BTS fans don’t know

1st place globally on annual Apple Music

1. Seriously, this is the first time I know itㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. I didn’t know

3. Dynamite is seriously a big hit in the world

4. I didn’t know… Congratulations to BTS

5. I know this thanks to this post

6. No, why doesn’t anyone know about it?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. I really didn’t knowㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. 1st place in 2021? Wasn’t Dynamite released in 2020?

9. ?? I didn’t know, but Dynamite is amazing

10. No, I really didn’t know

11. As expected from Dynamite

12. Dynamite is legendary

13. This is true, right????????

14. Really?????????? Oh my God

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it’s only the k-armys & korean general public who doesn’t know it since it wasn’t translated from the intl side


I thought you guys were boycotting SMA because of its bias?

Lazy Banana

One comment here and you thought we suddenly love SMA? Lol


Whoa It was just a question


There are a lot of records that people don’t know bc there are wayy too many but korean armys especially don’t know because kmedia doesn’t report bts achievements much.


So true. If another group did it, they would exaggerate and share these news.


they would use headline “the next bts” pft


if a group make one,just ONE achievement like this,even with plenty of deals & payola,their company,fans & media would make sure to shove it into ppls throat every single business day.they would mediaplay tf out of it & the thing they all will say without a doubt:that group is the next BTS/gonna surpass BTS.
too predictable & funny.

based misandrist

ratmys and their victim mindset again the kmedia worships bts and treats them like the saviours of korea just be happy for once and stop whining


U know NOTHING about the media they never reported their accomplishments and how big it is , its been like that since forever and it never changed , but when a nugu group from the big 3 sold some albums with 7337 copies they immediately called them the next bts and they almost surpassed bts !!


are you sure this is the only BTS’s achievement that yall don’t know!?

Lazy Banana

Nah, most international ARMYs know about this but I can’t blame the k-side cause Naver would rather shut down than put BTS’ achievements on the main page. I remember when BTS won Group of the Year at the VMAs but Blackpink’s Best Metaverse Performance award was on the front page. Imagine the award given for a virtual PUBG performance getting more articles than the award given since 1984. Not to mention, by winning GOTY, BTS broke the record for most GOTY wins at the VMAs since they won it for 4 consecutive years. See how crazy that was lol.

based misandrist

Naver boards are filled with hannam incels anyway why are y’all so desperate for their approval? oh I know why lol


U r under every bts post , u must be obsessed and jobless

Lazy Banana

You dumbass, I don’t mean Naver board but the main News site. Please get a brain jfc, why are BTS haters so brainless lmao

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