BTS earned 100 billion won in 3 days of concert in Seoul

1. I really like BTS concerts in Korea.. They were so comfortable and looked so happy

2. BTS is the best in Korea and they are so popular all over the world, so they sell so well

3. I like BTS concert so much ㅠㅠ I want to see BTS at the next concert

4. Oh my God!!! I didn’t get the ticket, so I watched it online and it was fun. I really want to go to BTS concert ㅠㅠ

5. Well daebak, HYBE should treat BTS best

6. Wow, BTS is really on another level. The company should treat the members well

7. BTS, let’s make more money!!!!!! BTS is the best

8. 100 billion won? Daebakㅋ HYBE, if you want to make more money, please give me individual fancams

9. I was so happy. As expected, BTS is BTS!

10. Should I buy shares of HYBE?…. BTS is amazing….

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