BTS fans criticized for ruining the group’s image after attacking critic Kim Young Dae who praised Min Heejin and NewJeans

Critic Kim Young Dae deleted his NewJeans’ Japan concert review after getting attacked by fans of another group

“Min Heejin, through NewJeans, is reaching and achieving plateaus that K-Pop has long yearned for. She has achieved the epitome of modernity, where time and space become irrelevant but are shared and exist in everyone’s minds and emotions. NewJeans achieves absolute compatibility where it can be everything and anything at the same time. Her achievement is even more remarkable considering it wasn’t accomplished through any technology or system, but through sensible aesthetics in a way that everyone can understand.”

1. Honestly, it’s not just foreign fans doing that… Domestic BTS fans are also gritting their teeth trying to beat Min Heejin and NewJeans

2. Kim Young Dae, doesn’t he write a lot of good things about BTS? But why do they act like that?

3. Why do BTS fans always do that?

4. I can’t believe ARMYs are attacking that critic

5. This isn’t even surprising anymore

6. That critic said he deleted it because of malicious comments??

7. I guess the toxicity of fandoms doesn’t discriminate nationalities…

8. It seems like Kim Young Dae is considered a traitor because he became famous thanks to his positive reviews about Bangtan… I think that review itself is accurate

9. They are ruining BTS’s image. They should just like BTS, why are they also fans of HYBE when BTS’s relationship with HYBE is over the minute the group’s contract ends?

10. I like both BTS and NewJeans but what I really don’t understand is that HYBE is not BTS but it seems like a lot of people confuse it to the point of being annoyed

11. Why are they doing that? I don’t think he said anything to attack them. I’m asking because I’m really curious

12. Is that fandom again..? Now they even control the opinions of critics?

13. Why are they doing that to Kim Young Dae?

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