BTS hated but are the most sought after for their achievements in the industry


BTS hated but everyone wants their achievements

BTS has broken records since they made an impact in the industry both in the west and globally. At first the K-POP music industry and media downplayed their success until they started performing at BBMAs, AMAs, Grammy, Jamsil Stadium, and more high profile stadiums and award ceremonies. They achieved the Order of Cultural Merit as the youngest and first group to achieve this honor. BTS LAW to extended their military enlistment given by former President Moon.

So why is the kpop industry so desperately trying to push for the “Next BTS” or “Surpassed BTS”? Well it all started with the way certain companies started mimicking concepts in what made BTS’s popularity grow more where as others have either barely achieved recognition or outright lying about their achievements after being exposed as mediaplay. We also have to take into consideration of which groups actually catches the general population’s attention and do the streams and sales match up. I have been keeping an eye on each group when it comes to comebacks and solo releases. They have the sales for albums but unfortunately the streams do not match at all to those sales which makes you wonder that are people only interested in the aesthetics of an album and not the actual music on the streaming platforms. Let’s also bring in to account that tours are having trouble selling out despite advertisements and mediaplay of what fans have been waiting to attend for months or years. I also heard that certain fandoms have been exposed of buying albums and then tossing them into the trash leaving out photocards. Another incident was the albums were overpriced given that there was only 10 of the same songs from previous years on it. We will never know the of why this is happening but it worries me that K-POP isn’t the same as it use to be anymore.

Now let’s talk about the hate toward BTS for the most illogical reasons known to Stan culture.

1. Visuals

BTS are hated for visuals because they do not meet so called “standards” of K-POP fans. I find this to be hilarious because who are you to claim they are not good looking when you sit behind a pfp of an artist and not using your own photo since you know more about visuals? Then resorting to racist tropes while stanning Asian yourselves is hypocritical and not edgy as some fans think it is. Maybe open a book on why plastic surgery has been so normalized that it has been proven to cause mental health issues on why Korean celebrities are starting to not care about how they look to others as long as they’re happy. BTS are fine just the way they are and don’t need to change themselves to make others happy.

2. Music

BTS has made music of all genres and languages and that’s what separates them from the rest due to them giving respect and knowledge about the music they make of their own. They are the only group that has multiple members that are the most KOMCA credited writers which includes group and solo projects.  I keep hearing that they “changed their style” or “they did it to get western validation”, but the thing is the west still does not respect BTS due to them being a threat of their American artists on the charts so how would they cater to the west when they are still being boxed in as an outsider? Is it because of the English songs they made? No, because they have more Korean and Japanese songs than English songs if you did your research and they made it to the west with their Korean songs like DNA & Fake Love. I would advise those that are sitting highly on their little tiny thrones to make sure you know what you’re talking about because obviously the kpop community memory only goes to far back to 2020.

3. Vocals

BTS members have wide ranges of vocals that every musician has no matter where you come from or look at it. What boggles my mind is that people think those of a Baritone vocalist should be able to hit a high note of someone with a Saprano tone which is rare but hard to avmchieve. That’s like saying Louis Armstrong should hit Diana Ross’s high note. They can train to hit certain high notes but overall they are great at the vocals that they have now because it suits different songs they put out and brings out the feeling of certain genres. You can sit and argue all day about who does better at vocals when in reality their vocals fit where they currently are at. They do not rely on heavy back tracks or constantly lip sync to escape performing on stage 24/7. They put in the work and give their 100% to their fans. So to haters, you should record yourself in a studio and post it online so everyone can hear and critique you.

4. Rap skills

Sorry to break it to you all, BTS rapline is the best and I’ve listened to other rappers in the kpop industry. I analyze the lyrics while listening to the beats. BTS rapline has made it known and have gotten recognition from legendary rappers themselves so they do not have to prove anything to anyone in the K industry who have constantly mocked or weirdly done rap. Half of the groups just throw together something to make it sound like it’ll stick but unfortunately it slides right off. For the female rappers….. Well…… Try a bit harder cause it’s only a select few who actually write their raps and be in the studio to produce. When it comes to lyricism, BTS rapline has that down pack. Namjoon, the leader, lyricism is more of a complex yet heavy hitter. His lyrics will have you think king for days on what it means even if you may get it wrong. Yoongi, the second oldest of the group, is straightforward and to the point whether you like it or not. It would seem Haeguem was a bullseye with some of the people taking offence to the song. Jhope, the lead dancer, has trained himself as a rapper and have gained attention for his lyrical flow and style of the old school rap while he also includes hiphop dance moves that makes his rapping the most enjoyable too.

Overall, BTS have both weakness and strengths and they have honed those faults that makes them a team and have lasted long as they have now. They put in the work, have a dedicated fan base, and stay humbled throughout their career as a group and individually. What other companies and groups don’t realize is that it takes 50-50 for a group to become successful. 50% from the artist and 50% from the fans to prove where you Stan on the music scene. Maybe spend less time trying to be the next big thing and work on improving & using the groups you have to make K-POP bearable.

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