BTS J-Hope appeared on ‘Jay Park’s Drive’, this is really a great gift for fans before enlistment

Chicken noodle Soop

This song shows J-Hope’s identity!!

I’m so jealous of them.. Talking to the audience

on the street J-Hope ver.

1. I’m not an ARMY, but he’s always full of energy and bright, so I read every post about him as they’re posted

2. He is a stage master!

3. J-Hope’s smile is so pretty

4. You can see him working really hard, he performed well on stage

5. As expected, Hobi’s stage always exceeds expectations

6. J-Hope is so nice and handsome, he and Jay Park get along really well. The broadcast was really fun

7. He was born to stand on stage

8. He’s a stage genius. Live, dance and perform, why does he talk so well?

9. He sings live well, dances well, has a lot of aegyo and talks well

10. I’m so jealous of the person who went there ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. Daebak, he performed well on stage, he’s kind, he’s pretty, he’s handsome, he’s the best

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Love the stage. As expected from jhope, the performance king. Gonna miss him. I hope he will appear on suchwita too🥺


I am waiting for the eng sub for full episode 😭😭

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Love Hobi but damn I hate Jay Park so much


Except for jay park everything was great

WhatsThe Point

He learnt the dance on the spot too, dance genius indeed


God I HATE that green gremlin🤢
How did hobi put up with him for an hour?!

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Jay Park’s face and actions continously pissing me off throughout the whole thing just for the camera to go back to Hobi and make me go back to swooning lmao a whole rollercoaster fr 😭 The things I do and watch for Bangtan.. Truly


Hobi was wonderful, you could tell JP was envious of the attention and affection that the public gave to our sun. The attitude of that green gremlin reinforced my stance on him: I dislike him! 


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Saint Seungri

jay park said bigbang is the best bg ever 🙂 our guy


Really envious of the audience that got to interact with Hobi. Lucky them~

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