BTS J-Hope ‘on the street’ challenge with NewJeans Minji and Hyein

1. NewJeans, thank you.. You guys are so pretty, I love Hobi’s dance

2. How does J-Hope dance like that? He dances gracefully as if he has no joints…

3. Minji is pretty and good at dancing

4. They’re cute, they’re pretty

5. Hyein is a fan of BTSㅋㅋ

6. I really like this combination

7. Wow, how does J-Hope’s body move like that?

8. Minji is seriously pretty. The kids are all good. It’s the combination of three cute peopleㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. J-Hope dances so well, Minji and Hyein dance well too

10. Wow I love this combination, I love J-Hope’s song so much

11. Wow, but J-Hope really has no joints?

12. Wow look at Hyein’s height, she’s pretty and talented ㅠㅠ

13. NewJeans kids are so good, they’re so pretty ㅠㅠ I love Hobi’s song

14. Why does everyone look so innocent and cute?

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Three of them are so cute. Waiting for txt and lesserafim..hopefully huhu

I've yujin

Le sserafim next!!


Free promo as always🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t know which one but one of the girls said she was a BTS fan before in video. And after debuting, she didn’t mention them again as if she didn’t know bts at all. And that really bothers me, frankly.


I choose bts with bts videos. I don’t wanna any hybe group or 4th gen group or any other kpop acts. They only know bts when the cameras on


Ya’ll moving like Barbs. Ya’ll are annoying.


I think min heejin doesnt want to associate the girls/ador with hybe….they’re the only who doesn’t use weverse too.. that pedo want to use hybe/bts influence but at the same time doesn’t want to acknowledge hybe and bts…but idk🤷‍♀️ just enjoy the video for now🤗


seen this with lesserafim too tbh , kazuha only mentioning bts being the reason why she wanted to become an idol on their very first weverse interview and that’s it, the same thing with yunjin too, and idk why tho, stayc are just doing fine mentioning bts all the time like no armys attacked them or something

I've yujin

Stayc are annoying clout chasers


idk I don’t see them as clout chasers


Someone already calling stayc clout chasers


that person is annoying on this app so I would not take this seriously , plus that person is not an army


Actually with Yunjin, there are receipts to show she used to be an active twt ARMY before she debuted, so she might’ve been told not to act like a fan after.


but at the same time if any of those girls would mention bts again and again after debut, after cb you would hate them and also say that they do this so often to promote themself/debut/cb using bts name… like you this for years with txt


stayc just doing fine btw, it’s moas that always act out of line hence why armys always said stuffs about txt but that does not mean I condone it , it’s just what I observed between these two fandoms and other fandoms with armys too like once their fans act out of line towards bts, they will say stuffs about the groups those fans stan 😀


But if they did mention them, so many of you will make hit tweets saying they’re clout chasers and using bts name. With the amount of hate Newjeans has been getting lately from armys and blinks, I think it’s best this way.
I will never forget that some armys were terrorising Newjeans ig account and posting hate comments under their social media accounts


tell min heejin to shut the fuck up instead of denying that hybe has nothing to involve in newjeans’ succcess at all or try very hard to dissociate them from hybe , like I don’t encourage what armys did but for a big fandom like them , it is bound to happen , their own ceo set them up :/ newjeans was well loved by armys before but min heejin being an attention seeker and can’t stop doing interviews every two days about hybe and ‘ they don’t have nothing to do with this’ like yeah … sure hybe is not involved in the creative process but being in Hybe’s channel alone clearly helped them 😀


so they need to talk about them 24/7 ???

seungri is free

aJumma and her nieces LOL 🙂 he already fucked everyone with his idiotic challenge

Last edited 6 months ago by seungri is free

stay obsessed & pressed

Jung Ho Seok Oppa

i hope oppa distance himself from females especially underage because he look like a pedophile here. concern fangirl.


lmao you’re a cosplayer and it’s so painfully obvious.

seungri is free

I thought about that too 🙂 that his pedo fake smile + he supporting the rappist


Worry abt your jenslut


Very disgusting lol do you have friends in real life ? The few friends must me having don’t have an idea of what vile things you write on internet isn’t it ? They’ll laugh and be embarrassed


You mean the girl’s ceo aka min pedo jin?


You see girls and you think about men fucking them ?? Lol your childhood wasn’t good ig who fucked you lol ?


say this to your r@pist seungri lmaoooo 😂


So proud of Hobi for OtS! Been listening to it all the time since it dropped.


Blonk at twitter quote are salty lol. They should worry abt jenslut eyes..pretty sure she got from too much face cumshot. Roslut are next…


riding NJ’s coattails, I mean he knows NJ are thee trendy girlgroup in South Korea right now. He wants that clout.

seungri is free

yes, after his flop colab with noname blackass rapper 🙂


his collab was with a legend & it’s trending everywhere & breaking records 💅 meanwhile your fave’s collab was with the prisoners 😂 lmaooooooo


your girls are the ones doing that lmaooooo 😂 they are the one 24/7 media playing using bts’s name opps!
jhope’s toe is 100000000 more famiys than them


Cuties! It’s fun to see Bangtan and NewJeans together, hope we’ll get more challenges from them ❤️

Also gotta mention Minji and Hyein dance so extremely well!! I’m genuinely impressed with them keeping up with Hobi actually.

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