BTS’ J-Hope performed 70-minute solo stage at the Lollapalooza Festival

1. Our Hobi is crazy, he tore the stage

2. He’s always bright, positive and humble, but when he’s on stage, he’s so cool ㅜㅜ Daebak ㅜㅜ

3. J-Hope is amazing~ But it’s good that American politicians know the value of stars and know how to treat them!

4. All I can say is that the stage is really crazy. Wow, Hobi, you are amazing

5. Jung Hoseok is the best!!!!!!

6. Hobi, my pride, BTS’s pride, he did so well

7. Jung Hoseok is so cool, he was born to perform on stage

8. Honestly, I had high expectations because it was Hobi who was in charge of BTS’ choreography… I was surprised that he did better than expected

9. I’m so proud of Hobi even though he’s not my bias ㅜㅜ He did so well

10. Well, he’s still good on stage even when he’s alone

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