BTS J-Hope selected as Louis Vuitton brand ambassador

Louis Vuitton revealed the news of J-Hope’s appointment as an ambassador on the 24th and explained that he is “a singer who is writing his own new chapter.”

1. What is the brand ambassador? Is it different from global ambassador?

2. After all, Human Louis Vuitton suits him well

3. Hobi is perfect for Louis Vuitton!

4. Louis Vuitton really suits him

5. He always wears Louis Vuitton to the airport. He’s so perfect for Louis Vuitton

6. As expected, Human Louis Vuitton J-Hope ㅠㅠㅠ

7. As expected, Louis Vuitton suits him so well

8. It suits him so well!! Congratulations to Hobi

9. J-Hope seems to digest Louis Vuitton clothes so well, it suits him

10. Hobi x Louis Vuitton is the best combination

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im sorry but… he’s not attractive to me
taehyung suits lv more

karina bleach

But Louis Vuitton doesn’t give af about V and only wants Hoseok lol The brand has been worshiping Hoseok for years from posting his sketches on insta to allowing him attend other fashion shows even of their rival Hermes. Stay pressed.


And they post about jhope first and then other lv ambassador. Its funny how he is not ambassador yet at that time. That’s show how much they want him. Others lv executive also ONLY following we know who they want lol

dot com bubble

Your comment is reading like a solo stan. You really took the bait and downplayed another member to hype the other. Fucking solos.


Uhmm im talking abt other lv ambassador tho? Its true that they are posting jhope first not jackson or others. Accept it


How is ‘only following jhope’ is downplayed others? Lol. Other brands executive ONLY following certain member. Like dior is only following jimin and not others. Its normal comments. Dont be a cry baby. Pretty sure many brands are ONLY following V and its no a shade to others. So bye


As if Tae gives af about LV too.

dot com bubble

Solo stans like you are the bane of this fandom. Imagine taking the bait and throwing the other members to the wolves to praise another. 🤮


You are so obviously jealous lmao. TAE DONT GIVE AF ABOUT LV. That brand got ugly af clothes you can have it

Last edited 1 month ago by Livi

V? Jhope are the most suitable for lv. The collection with yayoi kusama fit jhope like a glove. V suit chanel or celine more. And jhope is attractive. So stfu, bitch


We know you are jealous. Stop using taehyung name. Solo stan and multis should die for world peace.


girl fuck your opinion


lv’s fashion sometimes goes really bold, I don’t think taehyung can pull that and I also think he will not like them too since you rarely see him wearing bold fashion.

anyway you must be living under the rock or naive if you think these brands hiring people as their ambassadors because of their attractiveness and looks only.


Tae can pull anything off. Lmao. The amount of hidden anti tae in the comments. I can only see like 3 true ot7s the rest of you are so visibly jealous.
HE might not want the brands, but with a face like his and his popularity I’m pretty sure any and every brand wants him. Go be jealous somewhere else

White cat

Well its up to the company who they want to choose.


Why people down voting when its a fact lol. Antis opinion will not change that dior choose jimin, valentino choose suga and lv choose jhope. Bottega veneta x rm is next. Love to see ugly bitches crying. Hopefully next are jk and versace/ck and v and celine/chanel

White cat

Like all the member can choose to accept whichever brand that they like. People don’t understand simple thing and want to used it to hate.


Act like you are taehyung fans lol. Taehyung likes to wear outfit that close/similar to chanel/celine style. Well he wore most celine outfit nowdays. Lv suit hobi the most. Taehyung just liked hobi and louis vuitton stay pressed solos bwekk. Tae will spit on your face


Taehyung cant pull LV, only hobi can lol


Fuck off. I hate all the solos🤢


But its true, look at the goddamn styling it doesnt fit taehyung lmao.


tae can’t pull LV? Lmao. He can wear a trash bag and still easily be the most beautiful person out there. Can’t believe your falling for such trap comments. Your jealousy is showing


im sorry but… Louis Vuitton, one of the biggest and well-established brands, made him an offer. He’s so attractive that you can’t fathom 💀


Just because Tae is good-looking doesn’t mean brands will pick him. Also doesn’t mean he likes the brand. Taehyung style is more Pretty and classy while hobi is eccentric. So out of all the members lv is for hobi


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Last edited 1 month ago by jasmin

Nah im tae bias, but LV are more suited for Jhope, taehyung are more suited for YSL or Ralph Lauren imo


I am sorry but he is fine

karina bleach

About 1st comment “What is the brand ambassador? Is it different from global ambassador?”: in actual official announcement from Louis Vuitton on twitter and insta Hoseok is named House Ambassador, same as what bts were named back then. Different brand just have different terminology, LV call all their ambassadors House Ambassador and then just use them as global, for accessories, etc.


Yeah. Valentino also dont have global ambassador. But they have diva(?). Suga, zendaya, etc are part of it


Yes luxury brands have their own different ways to call their ambassadors. Like Valentino they called them as Di.Vas (Different Values)


You would think that the stans that use these labels for bragging points would know what they mean but they can’t do the bare minimum


He belongs to the stable 🐎🐴😂😂


Slutpink belong to prostitute house wbk. Jeremy oppa is waiting for roslut


We all knew this was going to happen, the brand was courting him with everything it had. I’m happy for Hobi, he fits the brand, he’s an innovative man who’s not afraid to wear risky and groundbreaking outfits. 

seungri is free

now is every random mediaplay goblin is ambasador of something 🙂


Jealous ygshit stan wbk. Trashri is shit. Bts is thriving in this 2nd chapter. Let me see u cry in jungkook, v, rm and jin article when they got announced as brand ambassador hhehe

seungri is free

ambASSadors of mediaplay 🙂 hhehe


Ygshit stan are talking abt media play lol. Stay pressed. We know you are obsessed with bts. Thats why your fav are flop and a criminal. Cry more, we love to see you’re crying hehhehe

Last edited 1 month ago by Now254

Lmao flop?? big bang midnight release ended ytc in a snap


Free falling song lol. That shit song is below dynamite on melon and probably will be out earlier than spring day lol. 2020 song beat that criminal song..dont talk about global chart bcuz they are nowhere to be seen. At least jimin help one of them to chart on hot100 hehhe


bitch where????
ytc sales, streams & awards can destroy all of bb’s entire career

White cat

Well you are the hateful piece of shit begging for attention online 🥰 pitiful

Last edited 1 month ago by White cat
White cat

Must be painful being hated by your own family or people around you.nobody want to admit they are your friend.


lol🤭 I smell jealousy from here


1. What is the brand ambassador? Is it different from global ambassador?

Global Ambassador does Global campaigns in which the billboards are plastered in different countries, Brand Ambassador maimly target is South Korea market. There can be a lot of South Korea Brand Ambassadors for Louis Vuitton

seungri is free

local korean insignificant mediaplay ambASSador 🙂


stay pressed


lV wanted him from the start I’m glad he choose a brand that know his value


we see this coming, j-hope is the only bts member who could pull off LV to a tee so good for him


he looks like a middle aged korean woman…

seungri is free

flopga too 🙂


says the one who stans seungri


Your sentence is wrong. Not like “he looks”, it should have been like this➡️ “I look like a middle aged korean woman…”


stop looking at yourself

WhatsThe Point

Hobi suits LV very much but why did I think he’d go with Hermes? Hermes suits him as well


Laughing at the blinks who were kidding themselves into thinking BTS were ‘kicked out’ from LV because they have ‘no influence’ 💀 The universe keeps calling yall dumb and rightfully so, love to see it!!

Last edited 1 month ago by stfu bitch

Delusional. How could they think brands want their girlies with their low social media engagement but not members of the biggest group in the world with great engagement? Idiots


This was a good move for LV. LV has some fits that are difficult to pull off, even for their models, yet I’ve seen Hobi be able to show the ones he’s worn as the fashion pieces they’re supposed to be.


Jhope x Louis Vuitton 🔥


They really chose the horse 🤣🤣🤣🤣


says the one who stans nct lmaoooo your faves were begging people to get free drinks!
know your place


ijbol😂😂🤐 He is even worse looking than Pigmin🐷 Hybe definitely paid lv to take him 💰 Cause ain’t no way 😂😂😂


you stan floppink 😂😂😂
know your place

Roman empire

He suits it the best. Both him and the brand are uglyy


he’s hot! stfup

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