BTS Jimin being continuously bullied by BLACKPINK stans with s*xual remarks even when he was minor

It is known that BTS is the biggest band in the world but fame can not always bring  happiness. Park Jimin one of member of BTS always gets targeted by multiple Kpop fans but now it has crossed all limits

Kpopies specially BLACKPINK stans are continuesly bullying him with s*xual remarks, r*pe jokes, suicide jokes, bodyshaming him. This has been happeing for some times now. They even trended some derogatory fake hashtag over BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie’s dating scandal

It’s like Jimin always gets targeted even when It’s about other members. But now it’s getting out of hand. Blinks, the BLACKPINK girl group stans are dragging Jimin with s*xual remarks using picture when he was minor. In that picture a make artist is seen fixing minor Jimin’s dress

They also insult him over his interaction with his CEOs or any other member.  This is very much concering actually how Jimin is always being targeted and now even his minor self is not safe. Also no other members of BTS gets as much hate, bullying, s*xual insults as Jimin gets

He is apparently the one who is more comfortable with his feminine side. But him being always the target concerns as a society where we are going