BTS Jimin ‘FACE’ ranked #1 on Japan Oricon Daily Album Chart

BTS Jimin ‘FACE’ ranked #1 on Japan Oricon Daily Album Chart (222,120 copies)

1. Jimin is crazy, congratulations

2. They say that he broke the record in one day

3. I really like this song

4. I’m so happy that the result is as good as the effort he put in

5. I think this album is amazing, I really like it

6. Congratulations to Jimin!

7. Oh my God!!! congrats to jimin

8. Jimin is so cool!!!

9. Jimin’s achievements both domestically and internationally are amazing

10. Wow, the results of this album are amazing

11. I’m breaking all records with this album, he’s crazy

12. Wow, this album is doing well in Japan too

13. I love you, Jiminie!!

14. Wow Jimin is amazing

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Nothing but Jimin ending kpop

Color color stan

In ONE tracking day and he broke the record. jimin ending kpop easily lol

Color color stan

Pannkpop admins can’t you do something abt these spam comments like 🙄


They’re worse than YouTube bots


Every other comment is either spam bots or a troll. At least with the disqus, you can block accounts.

I've wonyoung

His music is awful

Taste that savage

Just like his face

Taste that savage

Armpits please stop posting jump-scare pigmin in TL 🤢🙏


blinks plz stop being pressed & obsessed with bts 🤗


Go choke on your dads dirty balls instead you cumrag


Even Jimmy fallon looked 100× more handsome while standing next to this man jimin 😭


nct fan talking about handsome men when her faves look a like a piece of 💩 😂 lmao stay pressed


Deserved!! FACE is an actual masterpiece, and I’m so fuckin glad Jimin is getting the flowers he rightfully deserves 🥰

Though considering all the achievements and records he broke and gained, it’s truly no wonder he has everyone shaking and crying lol

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

but his real ugly face is unranked lul 🙂

stay pressed! his face is 💜


Jimin ended kpop in one day. Your flop faves couldn’t compete with BTS as a group and now you have 7 members to worry about. I just think it’s funny.

Congratulations Jiminie


Jimin truly deserves all this success. I’m so proud of him!


armys and their support for maknaeline only

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