BTS Jimin gets a lot of comments after revealing the teaser for his solo album ‘FACE’

BTS Jimin’s solo album ‘FACE’ will be released on March 24

1. Jimin-ah, you’ll do well, our Jiminie fighting

2. He’s making his solo debut, but looking at the comments, his firepower is insane

3. I’m looking forward to it, Jimin’s voice is my taste

4. I like Jimin’s voice, so I’m really looking forward to his solo album

5. I couldn’t even sleep because I was so excited. I want to see him soon

6. I’m looking forward to songs with only Jimin’s voice

7. I’m curious and looking forward to what the song will be

8. Ah, I couldn’t sleep because my heart was pounding ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. I suddenly feel very happy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. Wow, I’ve been waiting for Jimin’s solo for so long

11. Jimin’s voice is so good, I’m looking forward to it!!!

12. Crazy, I can’t sleep tonight

13. Wow can’t wait for Jimin’s solo

14. Finally, Jimin ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can’t believe PJM1 has an official name now.. I’m so fcking excited for FACE!! Can’t wait to see what Jimin has in store for us 👀


Also thank God HYBE got their shit together about deliveries cause it was absolutely ridiculous how only BTS’ albums were delivered weeks later 🙄


I really hope they don’t eff this up, I’ve been wanting a solo BTS member to hit #1 on the BB 200 cause I know they have the numbers but they weren’t able to because of the late shipments so if HYBE get their shit together, Jimin most likely will make it


If they keep this up with the remaining members, 4 of them including Jimin will hit #1 on BB200, just need karmys to work with us on this for kcharts especially so jimin would get a lot of nominations at award shows later on and wishing the same thing for the remaining members that will be releasing their album.


he’s going to do a video fan call event omg…. I thought bts would never do this type of stuff anymore


Not all members prefer doing idol like promos. Jimin seem suit the most idol like promos. Also he being learning english nowadays. Seem like its for the fancall events. Thats cute n sweet. I am not surprise if jimin doing studio choom too.


He’s an attention seeker so pretty sure he’d go to every show


All idols are attention seekers, thats literally their job description. To get attention.


or it’s because he actually loves his fans and wants to see them and provide content for us. weirdo.


I dont rhink bts ever did fan calls so this would be first. Each member’s release has been so different bc each member chose what they wanted go do for promo. I guess jimin wanted to meet with fans one on one this way. I just hope no sasaengs ir creepy fans win the raffle


Yeah cuz fan call just started since c0vid I guess as a subtitue of offline fansign but its continued with more people from global can join it now


he said during butter promos that he wanted to do a video call with armys so i’m so happy he gets to finally do it🥺 he seems to have been the most affected by the pandemic preventing them from seeing fans so i’m really excited for his promos.


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Finally! It’s heeeerrrrree!!! I’m so excited bc all of Jimin’s solo songs have been absolute hits for me. Now, I just need to wait a month…


The cover looks so good! Lowkey to me it kinda looks like a make up line and now I want a make up line from Jimin, particularly eye shadow cause my man has beautiful eye shadow for years now

Handsome Hyunjin

His eyes be looking left and right at the same time 😂


I can’t with you sometimes 😂


feels like it will have more than 6 songs tbh ! anyway very excited for jimin !! I hope he has a good time promoting and always healthy in the midst of promotion 🌟🌟🌟🌟


I really love all his solos so I know he will do well


Jimin also going to do fancall event!! Seem like they aiming high album sales for him. Wont be surprise if its surpass 2mil n get no1 bb 200. I am glad to see that each member album roll out getting better.


I’m so glad that Jimin has some promos for the album. I hope the album distribution will be just in time. Thus, we do not have problems with the charts 👍


Oh hes gonna serve CUNT we love it

Handsome Hyunjin

Wait? He’s not a man?
He looks like a man but he serves….?? I’m so confused


ofc a stray kids fan wouldn’t understand aave😭😭😭 or are you really a skz fan or a blink in disguise trying to prevent us from dragging the 4 dozens? considering mostly armys and blinks visit this site, i wouldn’t be surprised.


I’m so so excited 🥳🥳🥳🥳 let’s go FACE


I’m very curious about the theme of the album. It looks so cool 🔥


I think face contains about 6 to 8 songs 💜





Handsome Hyunjin

What is that?


Hyve did something right for the first time. There will be two album versions of Face. And it’s up for pre-order today. I hope face can get into BB 200 🙏💜


I really like lie and serendipity so i hope we can hear that style.


It still feels like a dream. Many of us have been waiting for this for years. I’m so happy and excited!

It's whatever

idc if I get bashed on but the concept is kinda mild (?) I expected some more complex design ngl

well, aside from how the album looks, hybe really is going all for jm, not only the shipment is fixed (delivered at 1st, finally!), but also videocalls and autographs, fans can’t complain now.


Well the concept suits him actually, mild and bland


Who’s going to sing? The autotune?


Adora. Wait she’s gone….oh shit

Handsome Hyunjin

He sounds and looks like a 🐷

seungri is free

Squeaky botoks golem 🙂

Last edited 1 month ago by seungri is free

he got that PUNCHABLE FACE. Pretty sure his songs are heavily autotuned.


THEE CUNT SUPREME IS HEREEEEEE god i am SO excited. jimin’s solo songs have always been my favorite, and we saw clearly with his photofolio that his artistic vision is amazing. it’s gonna do so well, and hybe seems to have gotten their shit together so i’m extra excited. i really hope he gets the promotions, support, and acclaim he deserves.


The true privileged member. Finished his album in less than a year because all producers focused on his album while others are being neglected. Got offers because bighit got them for him while others got them through pure demand or their own connections.


Tell me you’re insecure and jealous without telling me you’re insecure and jealous.


Jealous is not the word here really. It’s not like I’m part of BTS 😒

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