BTS Jimin, Shining with Good Deeds Even During Military Service

BTS Jimin Scholarship Award Ceremony: Despite being in the midst of his military service, Jimin continues to spread warmth throughout society. Dong-Eui University of Science and Technology announced the successful completion of the “BTS Jimin Scholarship Award Ceremony” thanks to Jimin’s generous donation. Outstanding second-year students were selected as scholarship recipients in his name. This scholarship was made possible due to the deep connection between Jimin’s father and a professor at the university. Despite his military duties, Jimin’s ongoing philanthropy shines brightly

Supporting Educational Expenses: In the past, Jimin has shown great interest in supporting educational expenses. He donated uniform expenses for his juniors at Busan Hodong Elementary School, his alma mater, in 2018. The following year, he contributed 100 million won to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, supporting students from low-income families. Additionally, he donated 100 million won each to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation and the Gangwon Provincial Office of Education, demonstrating his commitment to local communities

Green Noble Club Membership: On his birthday, Jimin donated over 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, earning him membership in the Green Noble Club, a group of high-value donors. His father has also actively participated in philanthropy, donating a total of 76 million won to their hometown area over the past three years. Fans and admirers deeply appreciate Jimin’s efforts to make a positive impact on society, even while faithfully fulfilling his military duties

Recommendations of LGBTQIA+ Content: Jimin has recommended LGBTQIA±related content to fans. For instance:

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