BTS Jimin still shines even when standing next to David Beckham

David Beckham x Jimin picture

David Beckham x Jimin x Cruz Beckham

1. Wow Beckham, Jimin is amazing

2. It’s strange that Jimin and Beckham stand together

3. Jimin is so hot!

4. Every time pictures like this come out, I can feel the popularity of BTS all over the world

5. I like Beckham too, but my idol and Beckham ㅠㅠ Wow daebak Jimin-ah

6. Jimin is really cool

7. You can take a picture like that at an event, but it’s amazing that Beckham posted it

8. Beckham and Jimin, I wonder how the conversation will go

9. It’s amazing that Beckham uploaded it

10. Jimin’s beauty shines even when he’s with Beckham

11. Park Jimin is amazing

12. A combination that I never imagined

13. No, it’s so cool that Beckham posted it on his Instagram

14. Jimin is so handsome

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armies being delulus as always lmfaoo he looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome next to Beckham


Why are u here faster than ARMYs? Check your own obsession and eyesight first before making remarks abt anyone being delusional.


that’s very specific so what’s it like living with fetal alcohol syndrome?


U must be jobless and ugly as fuck to say that


Looks like someone has a problem with their eyes. You still can’t stand jimin’s success. Cry harder 🤣🤣🤣

White cat

Stop projecting your own face toward him. You sound like loser who depend on alcohol just to feel love.miserable.


Bravely sharing your own birth defects?


BTS have been repeatedly called ugly by people who have no connection to kpop, yet Armies still insist it is all due to haters from other fandoms

Army are a weird cult… they simultaneously infantilize, feminize, and homosexualize their idols amongst themselves, but when outsiders are around Army pretend BTS are the epitome of masculine beauty.🙄

We see you, Armies. We see how delusional you are. We, the mainstream, still don’t care about your niche favs no matter how many times you artificially bulk-buy their way onto the charts.

White cat

You are not the mainstream. You are a loser in kpop forum spitting hate on people who doesn’t know your existence.


Beckham looks so manly while jimin looks like a choding lol


Another jealous bitch


Show us your ugly face and we’ll tell you what it looks like 😉


I 100% believe I would be voted as more attractive than at least 5 members of BTS in a poll of the general public… and I’m just a normal-looking guy.

BTS fans are pretty delusional when it comes to BTS.

White cat

He look like a handsome older man .while jimin look like an attractive young man.both can exist at the same time.


Addicted to hate posting Jimin. My guy is rent free in that empty dome of yours


Love this pic. Jimin stands out and looks good in all of the pics taken at the event (which isn’t hard for him, tbh), but this was just excellent photography. Wish I could show the original pic but it’s too big 🥲

Last edited 8 days ago by EMs

Beckham Brothers blink if you feel uncomfortable around this twink


get a fckn life bitch


Jendogs please follow your male fawning idols.


They’re not brothers, they’re the father and one of the sons, dumb bitch. 

White cat

Just because not nobody want your ugly add doesn’t meant u need to projecting your miserable life online. Loser


Concern yourself with Jennie’s nudes getting leaked after a long night out earning foreign deals


David is 20 years older than him lmao the comparison is ridiculous


Nobody even compared…Are y’all blind or smth ? The only ridiculous thing here is the hate Jimin is getting for being pretty , successful and loved LOL


Jimin and Jhope gave Dior the largest crowd and social media engagement in its history. we love to see it 😏


jimin did* jhope did not pull half of this crowd in any events he went to alone


Hobi was such a pleasant surprise. And now, he’s attending Hermes too (but seriously, exactly how many of these shows is he attending? Bc this man has been keeping a tight lip abt his invites for everything except LV until just b4 the events).


I envy Beckham and his son for being able to take a photo with Jimin. Our boy looks great.


Cruz is interesting looking to be David’s son


I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. Legends in one photo.


My bad but his visual kinda uglee, I think taehyung much better than him


Jimin came with the clout Dior thought they was gonna get from hagsoo


Ugh seriously why is he so ugly, he need surgeon atp. This ladyboy is nothing if compare it to jin, jungkook and taehyung


Y’all keep barking as if your opinion is relevant , say whatever u want he’s still rich , loved and successful , unlike ur ugly jobless ass

Last edited 6 days ago by Lmao
Mina is my name o

Being seen with a BTS member is the equivalent to being photographed advertising a Dyson Airwrap or whatever is popular with the influencer crowd these days, or like a pit stop at a tourist trap. The more views David Beckham gets on that post the more money he makes.
Your boys are just products to most of these random celebrities and nothing more stop being so prideful.


U took this too deep weirdo

Mina is my name o

You shallow ass people praise this wonky eyed pillsbury doughboy. He sounds like a castrated cat. Did I hit a nerve? Truth hurts bitch

Last edited 6 days ago by Mina is my name o

Look how pissed u r , keep it up jobless I know u r fckn jealous
and he still look pretty for thousands of people unlike ur ugly ass


He look average Asian guys on street


That’s what everyone says when they can’t find real flaws DUH


Ough that face really ugly. Him and jhope are visual hole


His ugly face is not suitable being GA, it should be jin or jungkook


Dior wanted him and only him , nobody give a fuck about your opinion


Hybe really push this gay ass so bad when jungkook make more money than him


Dior didn’t even hesitate once choosing Jimin , they wanted him years ago and as soon as they announced their break , they took the chance
Nobody even mentioned jk or any other members … some people are burning out of jealousy lol

Just die bitch

Wow Jimin got alot of haters crying here , he really is the “IT BOY”


Seriously that face. How come someone can live with that ugly face 😭

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