BTS Jimin, this is the place where you can feel the greatness of idol fans, large scale birthday event in Thailand

This is said to be Jimin’s birthday event prepared by fans themselves, held on October 22-24 at Union Mall in Bangkok, Thailand

1. I can feel the fans’ love for Jimin in every detail

2. It’s beautifully decorated, it’s sure to be fun and interesting for the fans

3. Jimin-related costume props, music video concept sets, and more. The sincerity of the fans is amazing

4. Seriously, there are many events for BTS fans in Korea and abroad

5. I can feel the fans’ love for Jimin

6. It’s amazing how much they like foreign celebrities

7. Thai ARMYs are cool ^^

8. This is really filled with sincerity that any Jimin fan would want to go

9. I think it will be good if I travel to Thailand with Jimin Tour if they do it again next year.

10. The scale is large but the quality is excellent, they have put in a lot of work

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