BTS Jimin’s “Set Me Free, Pt. 2” debuts at No. 30 on Billboard Hot 100

BTS Jimin’s “Set Me Free, Pt. 2” debuts at No. 30 on Billboard Hot 100!

Including the US

Excluding the US

‘Like Crazy’ ranking will be announced next week

1. Wow, isn’t this a pre-release song? Daebak

2. Jimin is amazing~

3. Wow, it’s a pre-release song, what’s going on?

4. Hul, it’s a pre-release song, but it’s a big hit!

5. Congratulations to Jimin, I love you

6. I’m so proud of Jimin

7. Hul, this isn’t even the title song

8. Jiminie!! Congratulations

9. The song is addictive

10. Our Jimin is amazing. Congratulations to Jimin

11. Daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Jimin-ah ㅋㅋㅋ I’m also looking forward to Like Crazy

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grrrr I really hope the prediction is true about Like Crazy !


Top5-top10 hot100 lets go!!! 💪💪💪


I hope so💜


Oh it will be don’t worry with 5 version of a song, huge playlist, radio play, active promotions, same day shipping, the amount of push company is giving him unlike other members he will definitely have a good debut don’t you worry


He don’t have radio support and playlisting just look it up, and what do you want his company to do just sit back after releasing the album maybe your faves’ company don’t know how to promote their artists so you don’t know how it goes


Oh yeah my favs company really do know how to promote only their fav artist. And fyi smf has a playlist reach of 42M on the its release. While others don’t even get a physical album, or same day delivery, barely get tv or variety show promotions, my favs company is giving his fellow member

1. Big playlist reach
2. 3 remix for chart support
3. Combining streams to get 1 on Spotify top 200
4. Korea promotions
5. US promotions
6. Release day shipping for it to count on charts
7. Tiktok challenges
8. Billboards after billboards
9. Tones if variety shows
10. Video call to promote mass buying of albums
11. Streaming parties
12. A whole group page filled with just his content

Yes while my favs company can’t do that for him but is so good at doing all this for their fav member. But in the end talent wins don’t worry 😜 he is out there making impact and name for himself. His music is getting recognised by his name he produced cant say the same for privileged and pushed member🙈

Color color stan

Typed a wholeass essay on pannkpop of all places 😂 so embarrassing geez


1. Big playlist reach 🚫 A literal lie
2. 3 remix for chart support 🚫 Go look at the streams they’re getting. It’s nothing.
3. Combining streams to get 1 on Spotify top 200 🚫 Dumbass. 2 language versions released on the same day splits the streams. The numbers they’re getting is what 1 version would have gotten.
4. Korea promotions 🚫 Literally where? So far he’s had 1 youtube video appearance.
5. US promotions 🚫 1 talk show apperance?
6. Release day shipping for it to count on charts ✔️ As it should?
7. Tiktok challenges ✔️ So same as your fave?
8. Billboards after billboards 🚫 What does this even mean lol
9. Tones if variety shows 🚫 Where?
10. Video call to promote mass buying of albums 🚫 Lol nope. Buying more albums doesn’t increase your chances, since you can only enter the draw ONCE from your wvs account.
11. Streaming parties ✔️ So again, same as your fave?
12. A whole group page filled with just his content ✔️ Your fav is literally on that page too dumbass 😭

Stop crying just cause you’re jealous Jimin is performing better damn. Also labels aren’t charities. Their literal job is to invest more in whatever gives back a higher return. And Jimin’s songs are 100% the most gp friendly solo tracks to date. So even IF they were doing more (which so far they’re not other than fixing distribution), it would only be good business.

Last edited 8 months ago by Pannkpoop

Uhm… Didn’t Hoseok have a whole festival to promote himself in the US? And a media covered launch party inviting every celebrity in Korea?
That’s more “promotion” than what Jimin has gotten


No one read that


I see you woke up and decided to spread lies today lol

-huge playlisting 🚫
-radio play 🚫
-active promotions? You mean the 1 single appearance on a talk show he’s had so far lol?
-5 versions? Dude when they’re released so close together, in this case even on the same day, they don’t add anything. They just split the streams. He could have released 1 version and it would be making the same numbers.


When company has your back like no other members lol

Congratulations 😂


If they had his back more than the others then Like crazy would have been added to “This is BTS” and tth playlists immediately after release, but it’s not. If he was pushed he would be getting radio, but they haven’t done that. The fans are requesting the song.

This is Jimin’s own impact. The song is good and has reached not only ARMYs but gp in several countries.

Jealousy is a disease.

Last edited 8 months ago by Miisu

Jimin is just more popular and successful than your fav, get over it.


“Set Me Free Pt. 2” is Jimin’s highest entry as a solo artist on Billboard Hot 100.

#30 Set Me Free Pt.2
#76 VIBE

Earlier, his BTS solo song “Filter” debuted #87 on the chart.


Jimin joins Psy as the only Korean artists to have solo songs debut on Billboard Hot 100 Top 30 in history.

Jimin remarkably achieves this feat with a pre-release track for his first ever solo album FACE.


Congratulations Jimin🥳🥳


Let’s go It boy Jimin! Making history every day.

on top

ended your sh!tty faves forever 💩💩💩💩


These are bad times to be a BTS hater. I really enjoy the members’ success and watching the haters rage.


Speak kindly to Park Jimin

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