BTS Jimin’s spillover effect is amazing

BTS Jimin’s spillover effect is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

BTS Jimin becomes Dior’s ambassador, shining all over the worldㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

“‘Dior icon’, BTS Jimin, most likes + most views”

[+375, -118]

1. [+201, -25] Korea is the only place where BTS is treated badly

2. [+178, -26] This picture looks like a movie poster

3. [+114, -2] Jimin’s solo in March ❤️ I’m not a fan, but I remember it

4. [+110, -24] He suits Dior so well

5. [+78, -96] The #1 ranking of Dior is Jisoo, and the reason why the stock price is going up is because of the CEO

6. [+35, -1] For real, he’s so cool

7. [+25, -13] Jisoo’s advertising effectiveness is #1, why do you keep lying?

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man every night I wait for the pjm1’s teaser to drop


pjm1 will literally break the world, i can feel it. i know jimin himself said it might drop around march, so i’m really hoping hybe gets their shit together for his solo.


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Ikr? I just hope promo starts soon and not be too close to the actual release date.

And that we get a proper album so this 50 I’ve been saving since lunar new year’s will stop taunting me.


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Whoresoo stans getting caught for their lying mediaplay😂😂 Dior’s stocks has never been affected by a girl who can’t even save YG’s stocks😂


Calling jisoo such names while having Slvthyung the industry cvmbvcket in the group you Stan is hilarious 🤣🤣


please don’t talk if you’re too much of a coward to even write out those words like are you not embarrassed censoring like that? do you have an abusive parental figure behind your shoulder preventing you from typing out cuss words? fucking loser.


u really must have parental issues


Ntm your whole group took turns sucking Jeremy oppas dick for streams and still flopped. Don’t set up those cumrags when they have so much background being whores for deals




Not yall pathetic begging calvin klein ambassador for jungkook ended up its another world campaign for miss jennie 🤣🤣


That jungc0ck is busy building Buddha statues for his scammer girlfriend and forking her


get a life you illiterate blink


begging? 😂 do we look a like blackpink to you lmaooo CK was the one who followed jk on ig lmaooo!
& your girlies campaign flopped so bad ouch! 😂😂😂😂


bro no one knows who jisoo is


Jisoo never impacted dior’s stocks bffr


He’s flopping hard wdym


Oh you poor soul 😭


Flopping truly lost its meaning since kpoppies started throwing it around so mindlessly lol

Hi, I'm Guest

It means, you’re deluding yourself


bitch where? 😂🖕


Dior the first fashion company to have a 🐖🐷 as its Ambassador


you’re gonna die in 7 days btw


why do you call jisoo pig? so mean

Hi, I'm Guest

Not a midsoo stan, but you don’t hve to be so harsh & called midsoo a pig. So mean!


Blinks really hate their fav…why would you call jisoo a pig?


says the who stans this idol 😂


Blinks are so mad this is just BTS’ fun little side gig and they’re already better at it 😭


fr, the bts members treat fashion like a side gig because that’s not their identity, music is.


I just realized that luxury brand deals are blackpink whole identity lmao. No wonder blink get threaten to see other idols being selected as new ambassadors. Thats what happen you make modelling as main job while singing as side job.




Not pigmin stans flexing 4m likes 😭


Youre gross


i know you can’t understand how much that is considering jisoo barely gets that on her own instagram but that is undoubtedly the most impressive social media figure dior has ever seen. stiffsoo could have never done it.


Jisoo never has it btw

Hi, I'm Guest

Bcs midsoo & her stans loves midness & reek of dozen 😌


not blinks being insecure & threatened by Jimin’s existence lmaooo 😂
& you can’t call anyone a pig when you stan this


his impact is so amazing; there are tons of tiktoks and tweets of people buying dior things just because of him so i know dior is happy as hell with their choice. bought a dior wallet for myself and i keep a jimin photocard and chimmy picture in it <3


that’s one hella flex )))))


He’s so ugly 🤣 I can’t take him seriously


nobody can’t take you seriously either


You’re so jobless. How’s your 40 accounts doing


honey! your faves are nct 😂 yet you have the audacity to talk about bts ?


“jisoo is #1” yes because jisoo got tons of post meanwhile jimin only got 2 and his comment sections are off. Do the math.

Hi, I'm Guest

JM’s 2 post w close comments sec still got 2 digits engagement rate while midsoo only got below 10% engagement rate…. Mid as alwaysss…


dior stock price skyrocketed to all time high when jimin was announced as new ambassador. if this is bcs of jisoo, why this never happened before jimin become dior ambassador?
do the math by logic not jealousy.
i understand bp fans feel insecure because this high end fashion/brand ambassador thing is the only way to make bp relevant.




As expected from Jiminie! Patiently waiting for PJM1 🐣


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JM’s emv is 17.1 for two posts, so each post is around 8m. Meanwhile midsoo hve 48 post last years & her emv was below 200m. I’ll be generous & gve her the 200m, so per post her emv only 4.17m? Ddaeng, she loves mid sm & so did her stans 😌 if JM posted 48 posts throughout the year with current emv per post, that’ll be 400m. Midsoo stans now can learn what IMPACT means 🤭


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Not Jisoo stans being jealous lol. Jimin is the prince of Dior.


Jimin doing it boy thangs

And nothing for midsoo


nothing for jungcock and calvin klein lmaooo


Ck is following jk so who knows😂




is you


. [+78, -96] The #1 ranking of Dior is Jisoo, and the reason why the stock price is going up is because of the CEO

7. [+25, -13] Jisoo’s advertising effectiveness is #1, why do you keep lying?

show me that you are a pressed blink withouth telling me that 😂
lmaoooo even dior confirmed that Jimin gave Dior the highest sales & stocks rise since 1992!!!!!!!!!
but hagsoo did nothing !
opps 😂

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