BTS Jin, Jimin, and Kang Daniel top November boy group individual brand reputation ranking

November boy group individual brand reputation, BTS Jin #1, BTS Jimin #2, Kang Daniel #3

1 BTS’s Jin
2 BTS’s Jimin
3 Kang Daniel
4 BTS’s Jungkook
5 ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

6 BTS’s V
7 SF9’s Chani
8 BTS’s Suga
9 BTS’s RM
10 Park Ji Hoon

11 EXO’s Baekhyun
12 Big Bang’s G-Dragon
13 BTS’s J-Hope
14 WINNER’s Song Min Ho
15 TREASURE’s Bang Ye Dam

16 Ong Seong Wu
17 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun
18 Big Bang’s Taeyang
19 SHINee’s Minho
20 Highlight’s Doojoon

21 Kim Jae Hwan
22 TVXQ’s Changmin
23 Hwang Min Hyun
24 Super Junior’s Heechul
25 SHINee’s Key

1. Seokjin ranked 1st, Jimin ranked 2nd, congratulations!

2. Why is Baekhyun’s ranking so high??

3. Jin worked hard and got good reactions. I feel that their popularity is still growing

4. I often see Jin and Kang Daniel on communities, but I haven’t seen Jimin

5. G-Dragon is amazing

6. Jin is so popular these days, but it’s a pity that he’ll be enlisting soon

7. Seokjin-ah, congratulations

8. I was surprised when I saw Baekhyun and GD ㅋㅋ

9. Seokjin is so cool, congratulations

10. As expected, I thought Jin would be #1

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Number 4 must be an akgae, Jimin has a record as the longest boy group members at #1 in the invidual brand reputation for months, there’s no way you didn’t see him at all on the communities.


As much as I love Jimin, he is not very active nearly all year and it doesn’t really make sense for him to rank so high every month. The owner obviously picks favorites as proven by Hobi’s case and fans mass like and post about him on forums.


he doesn’t have to be active if he still gets the most articles and has the most active fanbase 😭


The system that they used to conclude their ranking is murky at best. You need to be active in order to get genuine articles written about you, not just fan blogs duplicated in order to boast visual. Again, Jimin is insanely popular but his ranking is too high against folks that are actually popular and promoting when he is not promoting and has not for a while. JK, Eunwoo, V etc never getting #1 and struggling to maintain top 5 despite being active and super popular is all you need to know about the integrity of this ranking.


Jimin has been very popular among different age groups in Korea for years. Gallup results in 2018 and 2019 were a strong indication of this. He also has a very big and loyal fanbase in Korea, who talk about him constantly in different platforms.
Jimin might not be exactly THE most popular celebrity or singer in Korea, however his reputation is overwhelmingly positive. I think that his positive reputation is a huge factor as to why he ranks so high all the time.

Brand reputation ranking is not purely a popularity ranking. It shows who and what people are talking about and if the received attention is positive.

Dot Com

This ranking has always been trash and not accurate to what’s trending. The day we abolish it is when we will know peace


Speak of the devil hahaha @shug


I’ve been summoned. 😭

Now rage against this one like you did the other one


I have been doing this since the old disqus era please…even did the same on reddit. This ranking is manipulative, just like nehan. All you need is – fan labour.


And a shady manipulative owner with obvious favoritism


It’s a one man organization. If that wasn’t crazy enough, then I don’t know what to tell you


It’s about articles and articles ‘ interactions in korea. So this is about korean articles. Bts clearly top ones among all of the idols. And Jimin has the highest interactions.


Highest interactions lol if only they were organic

But I wasn’t done…

Yeah, no, this list is bullshit aside from Jin.


tbh yes at least with jin it made sense bc he always ranked #1 whenever he had something released, he was #1 when super tuna went viral in SK too and now with his solo song


wow… brand reputation. the thing that fans can easily rig by spamming the shit out of their names online


Army don’t forget to vote Mama 🔥‼️

Sapna shobhawat

I love❤❤ all 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 members so much

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