BTS Jin said that he likes pink because of his fans

In BTS’s recent album interview, BTS Jin said that he likes pink because of his fans

The fans like him in pink, so he likes it too

1. Seriously, pink suits him so well

2. No but it suits you so well

3. He suits pink so well, something lovely and soft

4. I also like pink because of Seokjin

5. A man who does everything his fans love

6. Seokjin’s heart is so beautiful, it suits him so well

7. Seokjin’s face, thoughts and words are all so cute and pretty

8. He has a pretty face, he’s also so kind

9. Now when I think of pink, the first thing that comes to mind is Seokjin

10. Pink suits him well, he’s f*cking handsome

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WhatsThe Point

Proof collector’s edition interview of each member blew my mind actually.
The way they talk and answer each question.
Especially jin, idk he has a peculiar way of thinking and speaking, he answers so eloquently, I keep thinking he can not top that answer and then he goes ahead and blows my mind again with his answer to another deep question.


he is even more more handsome in his pink outfit đź’ś


He should’ve liked army(the military) then

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