BTS Jin who honestly talked about their military service during Weverse Live

1. I don’t really care about BTS, and I’m the one who thought to myself why they didn’t go to the army, but after seeing this, I understand

2. Seokjin-ah ㅠㅠ Thank you so much and I’m sorry ㅠㅠㅠ

3. I’m a fan and I knew it would be like this… BTS members, including Seokjin, said that they would be enlisting in the army

4. Seokjin-ah, thanks for telling me everything honestly

5. Seriously, I don’t want them to renew their contract with that bad company

6. He doesn’t like the cold, so I’m really worried about him ㅠㅠ Seokjin really thinks about the fans a lot

7. I feel bad for BTS who must have seen a lot of hate comments because of their military service

8. Aigoo ㅠㅠ Seokjin must have suffered a lot ㅠㅠ

9. It’s really touching that he chose to endure until the end so as not to make his fans cry despite being cursed like that

10. Please don’t renew your contract with HYBE

11. Our Seokjinnie had a hard time ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I really love you so much

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He just didn’t want to enlist until got criticized for their company tried to get them exemption😂


Simplemente a tu te debieron enviar al servicio militar a ver si sirves de algo en tu patética vida 🤣


Yall still talking about that nonexistent exemption even when the members said they’re enlisting


lmao ikr. jin even said the company’s sentiment is his. the fact that hybe even asked the military department to quickly made decision whether they can be exempt or not are just funny.


Imagine wanting to enlist.


We want this receipt where & when HYBE asking for the decision making regarding this or this only happened in antis deranged undeveloped brain


How about you enlist for them then


you’re one of those Jin was referring to.


I wouldn’t want to too. Did you know most korean men don’t want to but have to? And want others to suffer just like they did? They are a bunch of bitter pissers. ACAB till I die and I understand why Jin wouldn’t want to enlist if he did and that’s something a cheap little western kpoopie will never understand.

uhgood⁷ Sexy Nukim

You sound like you love military that much. Why dont you go enlist and dye there😍🥰


To all those haters in this comment section, just admit that you’re jealous of how army got so much love by their idols, right? They put their fans above everything, including them in every decision they make, always thinking of them in every situation, just admit that you’re jealous of their special bonds, ha!


army = money. so basically he postponed so many times to collect the coins as many as he can.


zero reading comprehension wow you really are not smart arent you


This is your hot take? BTS just gave a whole FREE concert for 100K attendees and free global viewing that they shelled out for themselves and you still think like this.

But I guess you decided you wanted to look foolish today.


busan concert was free, so what money?


whatever helps you sleep at night I guess . non fans coming here with their useless takes , shove it up to your ass instead ☝🏻


If I had the opportunity to earn that much money (funny because the concert was free) I would kill people to take it. Imagine NOT wanting money. We are no communists here move.


The fact that your faves sees you as nothing but money providers is not our problem


why tf these dumbass blaming hybe YOU GUYS are the problem, had yall just shut up and trust what bts said


Honestly if the politicians and those other entertainment companies (excluding bighit ) didn’t bring up about those military exemptions stuffs since 2018, BTS wouldn’t get dragged this hard . And they are valid to postpone it until they are 30 too since they got the cultural merit award and they got that perk to postpone it.

Kinda wish Hybe would at least disclose or make a statement that they are going from years ago tho so the politicians would stop talking about it and dragged the issue very hard . But then BTS also had a hard time when to tell about it since they don’t fans to feel sad.

I don’t think that Hybe and the rest of them even want an exemption but I think Hybe probably took advantage of the situation for their shareholders . And the members saw the success that Dynamite got and they endured it again and they decided to make trilogies Dynamite , Butter and PTD and that’s normal I guess to aim for success. They were at their very peak globally and domestically during Dynamite and to just kill it off with a military enlistment would definitely kill the hype.


They are the one who build Hybe building, what on the earth yall asking them to left lmao. Hybe aint saint, but there is no better company tho 😪


How great that he got so many pushbacks. I don’t know any other idol who has had the opportunity to say ‘let me just wrap up with this song promotions’, then say that again, then come up with a handful of other excuses. He’d be back already if he would’ve just kept his head and gone when he supposedly first wanted but oh well.


so you don’t read.
he has the legal right to pushback his schedules bcs 1st. he own cultural merit, 2nd. it’s not even the time yet for him to go 2 years ago or even last year, it’s him who decide, and they at the peak of their global career 2 years in a row, he can’t leave just like that As he SAID.
3rd. all male idols file the postponement since they enter 20 otherwise they have to go right after bcs that’s the rule, unless 4th, they do stuff like entering college, works etc, which other idols doing THE MOST to avoid military service for years, they do stuff like that as excuses, and go to millitary when it was at the very late of their 20s.
5th. read that again.

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Btch dont piss me off. Gd enlist at what age???? Just stfu

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None of the other idols will ever amount to something the way BTS did and kpop community will die fighting that fact. Good for me, I’ll see the death of kpop and BTS will be fine anyways.


truly love reading people’s bitter comments it’s so amusing to me


With BTS enlisting kpop is about to die. What will the silly little kpoopie fans do now? The media interest in kpop is already dying.


Yeah want care about bts anymore..even their latest release and solo promotions dont get hype anymore..just plain flop..the gp just sick of them now..the newer gen manage to snatch all those award and attention..kpop not gonna die anytime soon and even without bts it won’t affect at all..


only people at South Korea that immediately ditches the previous gens as soon as a new gen is arrive and that’s the problem with kpop idol systems and culture in South Korea , bts doing just fine at the US up until now but in Korea just because a new gen is here , the idols from the previous gen are expected to just go into the dark or no one have to look forward to them anymore like ??? that’s crazy actually . These idols have to work like crazy during their youth pumping out new music every damn time for fans to consume and as soon as a new gen arrives , poof gone just like that .

Grace Walker

Really? If no cares about BTS, anymore please explain how news media all over the world covering Jin’s, enlistment in the military? FYI, Its not the general public that financially supports BTS, its ARMY. Please list which new generation K-Pop, groups that snatched any of BTS’s, awards and attention?

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You wish


To all those haters in this comment section, just admit that you’re jealous of how army got so much love by their idols, right? They put their fans above everything, including them in every decision they make, always thinking of them in every situation, just admit that you’re jealous of their special bonds, ha!




Not jealous at all. Bts is the most obvious one treating their fans like atm. Begging for international awards so much


Ur girlies couldn’t taste that awards even if they beg for it


Ah fckk those 26 agencies, fck kpoopies, fck kmedia, fck Korean government, fuck those so called kpop journalists, fck bts-army wannabe, fck the over unfairly exempted people, fck those ministers, fck to everyone that brought hate to bts. Fck you all!

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Huh they just don’t want to enlist..all those delays and excuses just for the wait in case they will get an exemption..unfortunately, korean gp don’t want them to be exempted..they are not worth that privilege..


you didn’t even read what he said ☠️ man fuck off


wow,,, it’s crazy that no matter how bts insist that every decision they make is between them, the members, people will always try to make it about the company. what kind of saviour complex do people have over bts who are grown ass men? you try to blame it on the company because you hate it but you end up sounding like you’re discrediting bts’ decision making skills. lol

But I wasn’t done…

Korea dont deserve bts. Kpop will feel the absence of bts when the door to the west slams in their face. I will smile at that


Bitter exol peeking their envious faces. When are Kai and Sehun leaving? I bet Bangtan comes back before that group is together again.


Stop believing your bang tan will be back as a group in 2025 that is just a plan to calm the shareholder. I don’t think maknae line will enlist in a couple of years. Cause hybe stock is down down now


Bangtan decided to leave for military service, Bangtan said they would return in 2025. Army can rely on BTS, no other fandom can say the same.

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

BTS is not exol. they are not the same.
BTS has cold play 25 years into their career whom they look up and seek advice from.
unlike your fav, they and ARMY will thrive


Did anyone actually believe this bullshit? Lmfao. Look at him trying to in line his story with the timeline of bts activities. This is the MOST FAKE reasoning i’ve ever read lmfao such delusional actually think bts did it for fans, when it was everything about money when he first saw the success of dynamite lol


this bitch just dismissed a whole ass pandemic


Your fake ass Jin also lied about wanted to enlist in June or summer because Chris Martin said himself got a call from Jin 6 months ago(around April) Jin said he has to enlist before December, at that time he wasn’t even plan to enlist in summer and also jin begged for one song before his enlistment from Chris, a gift to him??🤪🤪 so funny


Namaste jk i am from India but honestly I will talk to right now why you are so cute I don’t know but please meet you just think I am your one time meet you nd latterly I miss you so much jk why you are going to military but it’s ok I am wait for your next live but please speak to english I can’t understand your language nd please see my little masg


they better enlist already and do a favor for humanity, those hags have no talent left, they need to give space to younger and talented groups like Stray Kids

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