BTS Jin who seems to have changed his body

He was 59~60kg before enlistment
After enlistment, he was 66kg

Looking at him in the same clothes, his shoulder line is different and looks like his body has become thicker

(His shoulders are wide, but they’re getting wider…?)

And he’s still so handsome ㅠㅠ

1. He looks more handsome and his physique is better

2. I’m glad our Seokjin seems to be doing well

3. I know our Seokjin is handsome, but every time I see him, I’m surprised

4. Kim Seokjin is the best!!!!!!

5. He’s really handsome and his body is great too, I hope that he will gain another 5kg

6. He’s a handsome man, his body is good

7. His face looks even better

8. How can he become more handsome after enlisting?

9. Wow he used to be handsome but he’s even more handsome now

10. I’m a Muggle, but I saved his picture with Kang Seungyoon because he looks so handsome and cool

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