BTS Jin won 1st place after teaching dance to team members at the military talent show

Jin works as a ‘dance instructor’ in ‘Military Talent Show’… Got 1st place after teaching dance to team members, getting a vacation

Jin’s team recently won first place at the military talent show celebrating Seollal. His team got an extra day of vacation as a reward

Jin personally taught the dance moves to his teammates

1. Kim Seokjin team won’t lose! Daebak, Seokjin-ah

2. Wow, I think he could write the dance lessons he learned from BTS on his resumeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. As expected, Kim Seokjin’s team always wins

4. Just looking at the title makes me giggleㅋㅋ

5. I’m not even a fan, so why is Jin so cute?

6. Seokjinie seems to be doing well so I’m happy

7. Wow, it’s great to see everyone enjoying their military life happily and healthily

8. Jin, why are you so cute?

9. Seokjin is enjoying his military life

10. It’s nice to see him working hard in the army

11. As expected, our Seokjin is doing well in the military too

12. I can imagine the reactions of the BTS members ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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White cat

Praying that everyone there have a smooth enlistment and no danger. Jin will always win 🤣 perhaps he name the group Kim seokjin too.( this is a reference from run bts variety show)


Team Kim Seokjin will never lose

Last edited 7 months ago by Mabby27

in team kim seokjin we believe






“Talent”? 🤣🤣 dozen king

Cry bitch

U must be depressed cuz he is doing well and praised instead of forgotten unlike your jobless ass


never,not even once saw him lacking on stage & making the group’s performance look awkward,the said group being THE BTS.
he’s not the one who goes viral for being a clown in a pretty outfit on stage.sit the fuck down kpopie.

Last edited 7 months ago by roza

bet you cracked your toes trying to do bts choreo

Hi, I'm Guest

We’re talking about BTS, not midpink or whatever floppers you stan 😌


You must be stvpid blinks or exols or nct stan or whatever you. In case you forgot Jin have way more talent than your flops.


well, their team name better be kim seokjin bcs team kim seokjin never lose!


Are the rest of the contestants not doing anything for him to won this tho?


Were the rest of the YG trainees drugged out and asleep when those 4 dozens of bp showed up to practice for debut decision day?


Lack of comprehension. Stvpid blink or exols in the area. Learn to read dvmmy.

Kmi Jong Uno

so they have time for talent show and no time to protect the country from NK.


??? And you’re mad bc?? Can’t be happy they’re not in war? Or bc they doing well and you can’t take it? You got ass for brain


Didn’t know you badly want South Korean men to die in a war


You fvcking stvpid how can a trainee do a qualified soldier job? You are a useless, dense and miserable person. Don’t talk to about things you don’t know, you will treated as a threat


Jin winning a dance competition after teaching team members, but then there will be people who say he is not good at dancing, keep trying, haters, you will continue to be ridiculed. 


I wish him a smooth enlistment but tbh I did not expect that he would thrive too, so happy that we keep getting nothing but good news from him.


Hybe mediaplay 😮‍💨


this is the funniest comment under this post


No girl. Unfortunately, Hybe has no money to spend on bts 😢


Stvpid Exol😭😭not everyone is a flop just like your faves


Korea doesn’t deserve BTS. I cannot stress this enough


It’s funny that he taught others to dance when he’s not exactly the dance king but good for him I guess


lmfao what you said is so crap. Before you criticize Jin, criticize girl groups who only play ass shakers and boy groups who forget to sing while performing sexy moves 💀


Yet he thought BTS dance moves for spine breaker and Spring day. Like Jhope said Jin is the 1 that comes up with new dance moves. Let ARMY to speak on Jin’s talent not you imbecile


Time goes fast. BTS’ ot7 comeback is getting closer and closer. In addition, Jin, I hope you always stay healthy and happy. ARMY please vote for BTS from idol plus for circle chart voting. Another idol plus vote, but if you vote with a few gmail accounts every day, we will win easily, I can help ‼️ 🙏🙏


no shade but what’s up with the regular updates on his activities in the army 😐 why don’t they let him serve in peace?

it feels like no matter where and who they’re with, they’re never given any privacy

meow meow

ikr they literally put out a statement before he enlisted that he wants everything to be done privately idk why u got downvoted i wish everyone would leave him alone


I think other celebrity got this treatment too. I follow KPop since 2nd gen and it’s not a new thing that fans receiving news from their idols who join military service. Weather it’s a good or bad news


Still feel it’s ironic that they say they “should be treated like normal Koreans” when it comes to enlistment, yet they can’t leave them alone during their service either.


This is cute (I kinda want to see the choreo they went with). I hope he enjoys his vacation.

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