BTS Jin’s “Jin Ramen” promotional photo

1. Jin Ramen..? Seokjin-ah, I’ll change my taste

2. Why does Ramen look so big?

3. I’ll have to eat ‘Jin Ramen’.. It suits him wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. It’s a TV commercial!! I’m looking forward to it

5. My Ramen is Jin Ramen from now on!

6. I didn’t eat Jin Ramen, but I will eat it from now on

7. The photo is so pretty, he’s so handsome ㅠㅠ

8. Seokjin-ah, if it’s your choice, I’ll eat ‘Jin Ramen’ from now on ㅠㅠ

9. I have never eaten Jin Ramen, but I will buy it now!!

10. I was looking forward to it, but there’s no face on the ramen bag

11. Maybe they’re aiming for the overseas market?

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WhatsThe Point

BTS manifestation power is so specific. He said in a 2016 vlive that he’ll model for jin ramen since it has his name and look at him being exactly that.
Tae manifesting pfw, yoongi manifesting all their achievements, jk manifesting video director, there are so many


the one that I cannever forget to this day is when RM once said that they’re gonna break the music world. Also, one army who said in the comment section of their debut mv in yt, that they’re gonna be success and be the biggest group in the world, and it was written by that army in 2013.


10. I was looking forward to it, but there’s no face on the ramen bag

lol this kinda expected them to have jin’s face on the packaging


i like how bts members are just doing w/e tf they want during their solo activities


Dear Ottogi,
Pls consider including a promotional picture for the package and putting them on the shelves of my local stores.

Potential future consumer


honestly i prefer when bts endorse everyday products in cfs because we can actually see them do something instead of just posing and act stoic if they endorse fashion brands

also the fact that this will actually get exposure from the gp since that everyone eats ramen


noooooooo ))): I really liked jin ramyeon, now that he endorses it will become more popular where I live and get expensive

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