BTS Jin’s new photo has appeared on Melon

1. Don’t loosen your tie… Don’t unbutton your shirt, please…..

2. Kim Seokjin is seriously handsome

3. No, he’s so handsome, but he looks really cute

4. Wow, I personally think Jin is the most handsome among celebrities

5. Jin’s characteristics are his own, but his slightly gloomy atmosphere seems to be unique

6. His face is so small, but his facial features are so clear… Amazing

7. Wow… He looks so handsome

8. I want to see Kim Seokjin’s face in real life

9. I’ve seen him in real life and he’s a cool handsome guy

10. He’s handsome and has a good personality ㅠㅠㅠㅠ He has it all

11. He’s just perfect

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