BTS Jungkook becomes the first Asian solo artist to rank #1 on Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl US chart for 3 weeks in a row with ‘SEVEN’

1. ㅋㅋㅋ Daebak..!!

2. Wow seriously amazing

3. Daebak, Jungkook is seriously amazing

4. Wow crazy.. Congratulations to Jungkook

5. Well, 3 weeks in a row

6. Is this possible?

7. Wow, 1st place for 3 weeks in a row is really historic

8. He’s writing history

9. I think #1 on Global 200 is better than #1 on Billboard Hot 100

10. Wow 3 weeks in a row is amazing

11. Jungkook is amazing and crazy

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