BTS Jungkook posted on Weverse asking fans to stop sending food to his house

1. What is HYBE doing? Why don’t they protect their artists? Looks like they don’t care

2. Crazy, I got goosebumps

3. This is scary

4. We need to increase the punishment for stalkers in our country

5. The stalkers are really scary

6. Please, please stop harassing Jungkook so he can live comfortably at home

7. BTS must have more money than the kid who sent the food, but why?

8. So they know Jungkook’s home address, which is scary

9. Why did they send him food? Are they treating him like a beggar?

10. But shouldn’t the company make a statement and ask them not to do it? What is HYBE doing???

11. Please sue all stalkers, HYBE

12. There are so many crazy people that are beyond imagination;

13. How did they know his home address, it gives me goosebumps

14. Let’s sue the stalkers, Jungkook

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