BTS Jungkook posted on Weverse asking fans to stop sending food to his house

1. What is HYBE doing? Why don’t they protect their artists? Looks like they don’t care

2. Crazy, I got goosebumps

3. This is scary

4. We need to increase the punishment for stalkers in our country

5. The stalkers are really scary

6. Please, please stop harassing Jungkook so he can live comfortably at home

7. BTS must have more money than the kid who sent the food, but why?

8. So they know Jungkook’s home address, which is scary

9. Why did they send him food? Are they treating him like a beggar?

10. But shouldn’t the company make a statement and ask them not to do it? What is HYBE doing???

11. Please sue all stalkers, HYBE

12. There are so many crazy people that are beyond imagination;

13. How did they know his home address, it gives me goosebumps

14. Let’s sue the stalkers, Jungkook

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Teenaged puppy


Lauren Green

hi this is america

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that’s HIS HOUSE… he is the one who can sue direcly. if he didnt want until now.. imagine that. most of the time fot criminal thing youy need to show up in person… so now he is really wanting to do that.
what hybe can do when it’s literally the members decisions to try to be comprensive? even if people like this get caught koreans laws are fcked… you just have to pay a fine or in come case a limited time in jail… and nothing else… even after the new regulations.

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K army

See stvpid it is hybe duty to protect their artists and give protection to them from fans

Logic Thinker

Isn’t criminal complaint where you have to be present? I’m sure this kind of stuff is on Him not the company. Because I’m sure he is the one threatening to sue


Are you stupid? Whats the point of him being in a comp then? Now you don’t need to send email to bighit anymore then. Let those anti make a nasty comment on bts..let bts take action whether they like or not lol


Hes being stalked by sasaeng and the first thing that you care is hybe lol. As expected from company stan. You care abt hybe more than member lol

Logic Thinker

I think she was replying to the translated comments… why people alway think it’s Hybe problem when in this case is HUGE PROBLEM IN KOREA


This user is really a hybe ass licker. They worry abt hybe more than her supposed fav lol

Logic Thinker

Being logic is… being an ass licker?

Last edited 7 months ago by Logic Thinker

Thats not a logic. And its a fact this guy care abt hybe more than jk


But how did they get his address? Does it have smth to do with him doing lives in his house?


I think yes. Or maybe sasaeng is following him going back to his house. The probability of his neighbours or hybe staff exposing his address is high too


First, real estate agents there often uses these idols to promote their units/condos/house so people will be more interested to buy hence why you see a lot of videos on youtube doing a house tour and putting the idol’s name in the title. Second, kr fans can easily check which houses these idols are living by looking at their lives and we all know Jungkook often do lives from their houses so they must analyze the shit out of it. Third, it could be the neighbours ratting it out, or those people paid money to these realtors. Fourth, it could be Hybe staffs. There are just so many possibilities tbh. I feel these are the same people who were camping on his usual workout place that he mentioned the other day.

Sasaengs love when idols call them out like that because they feel like they’re ‘noticed’. And they’ll be more encouraged and motivated to do it.

free bts from akgaes, solos, and shippers

and it’s ALWAYS gonna be free bts. a bunch of weirdos who have no conception of personal space whatsoever. I hope bangtan start suing each and every single one of these freaks cause I’m fr done with everyone taking these men and their kindness for granted.


Girl even you don’t believe that anyways he looks better than all your faves combined

Last edited 7 months ago by Siana

I guess he peaked at 2019. Currently he looks awful 😕 I feel bad for him. He’s aging bad and the haircut ain’t helping.


Said no one but you lmfao


Literally everyone has been mocking him on twt for hos recent looks. Looks like the villagers from shrek


Everyone when it’s only blonks and trolls like u who stan actual ugly people meanwhile he’s going viral for that look on k side. Sorry but y’all will never win😭


Please only ami find jungkook handsome…Well, he looked quite good like 3 years ago…But now he is having glow down…Literally every in stan twitter calls him lord farqkook. ijbol


Is the every in stan twt in the room with us rn lmao anyways Jungkook outsold your ugly faves both in achievement and looks so you can keep on crying

Last edited 7 months ago by Siana

Lol. Please show a result from your ‘official’ research that show only army that find jk handsome lol. Your ‘research’ result is absolutely only from 50 user of pressed kpoppies on twitter lol


Lol. Who care abt kpoppies on twitter. Jk is trending for being cute and pretty just like that actor’s wife. Kpoppies are pressed that hes prettier than your cheap and ugly fav


Not you calling Jungkook, a grown man “cute and pretty” and being proud that he looks like some below avg women…Omg you guys really want him to be a women so bad😂😂 is it so Jimin or v can finally peg jungkiok and your fetish can be a reality. 🤢🤮🤮

Last edited 7 months ago by Nct101

Lol. Tf are you saying lol. Its so embarrassing. And why you act like you are grown adult and matured human when you are here calling people ugly and make a fake narrative. It so childish and funny af. Woww you are so matured and successful grown adult lol


You are literally proud of him (a grown man) for looking like some below average woman…You probably read au of him being some preg omega….Ewwwww 🤢🤢 and he knows this that’s why he cutting his hair like that woman you all think he looks like with bangs and everything and acting shy and girly despite being a 200 pound grown man


Idk how you managed to write this bcuz its so hilarious lol. We get it you are jealous with his life


I’m not jealous of some old man and his creepy fans that want him to be a woman so bad 😭


Yes you are jealous and obsessed with him bcuz you are here and make a whole paragraph of fake narrative abt him lol. We get it..your idol is ugly, flop and talentless. Thats why you are jobless and obsessed with jk article


Dont think he looks any better than cha eun woo 👀💀


Where did eunwoo come into this conversation??? Anyways yeah I will still prefer jk over eunwoo anyday if that’s what you’re asking


Yes he looks better than cha eunwoo. There is lot idol who look better than that eunwoo guy


jungkook is just too nice sometimes and people or fans are taking it for granted, like this reminds me of the whole qatar issue tbh, sure jungkook waved, smiled to those fans following him around his sets, even during his private time at the mall, waiting for him and trying to get his location every minutes and hour while he’s there like yeah he didn’t say anything about it all but use your common sense ,like take a step back and think isn’t that weird ? idk I never feel fine with this tbh although it has been months. I don’t care if fans accidentally meet him like those who met him at concerts/festivals cause that’s different.

and he also didn’t press charge on that guy who stole and tried to sell his hat like he’s just too nice, these people probably have been sending him foods for weeks or maybe months if for him to be reaching his limit and posting this on weverse. sighs this chapter 2 just bringing the worst in everyone.


army is full of thirsty female fans. they’re the same fandom bragging when their oppa get a lot of crowd at airport, mall, infront of hotel. lol now when Jungkook talking about how some fans know his address, they act shock lol


It’s time to sue, Jungkook. This can’t go on. 

Logic Thinker

So know I understand why hybe always want a staff to be there and they need to ask before doing a live.


shtting on jungkook on pannkpop dot com or any social media won’t affect his life in any way but I see he’s affecting yours maybe if u put the same energy into ur own life u won’t be that jobless


it’s jungkook fault for doing lives in his house knowing how many stalkers bts have. sorry I don’t feel bad for him because he did to it himself



Last edited 7 months ago by Annaebster

Since for what happen to TVXQ, i feel scared everytime watching idols get food or drink from their fans coz we never know if there is anti fan or hater or crazy fan among them who want do harm the idol


But it hagkook that is bongos fav. Him and his fans want him to be a woman so that he can be his bride too. His own fans making girly edits of him, editing his face by putting blush and makeup filter and adding bows to his hair. Calling him snow-white and Dora and some old actor guys old wife.


go suck on your dads balls instead you pathetic inbred bitch


1. What is HYBE doing? Why don’t they protect their artists? Looks like they don’t care

Hybe won’t care about any members of BTS except jimin


Forget suing, stalkers need to be criminally charged and actual jailtime.

With how they’re so bold abt following him to his gym to stealing his personal number to keep harassing him, laws need to be way harsher when dealing with stalkers.


not the delusional akgaes talking about jimin in these comments, but their breed still insist they’re not obsessed with that man 😭

calling jimin names is a more important thing than pointing out how utterly obsessed, and beyond salvation yall are. bunch of mental asylum escapees roaming this site.

Teenaged puppy


Last edited 6 months ago by Teenaged puppy

So Admin can delete comments here but not when Jimin is getting death threats and all nasty comments? FUCK YOU. PLEASE GO KILL YOURSELF ADMIN


That’s what you get when you don’t set boundaries with your fans, excessive fanservice and making them develop that a parasocial relationship with you.

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