BTS’ Jungkook ‘SEVEN’ ranked 28th on Billboard Hot 100 for 4th week (4 consecutive weeks on chart)

#28 on Billboard Hot 100 for 4th week

4 consecutive weeks on chart

No. 1 on Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl US for 4 consecutive weeks

No. 1 on Global Spotify for 31 consecutive days

1. Wow this is really awesome

2. Jungkook really is the best!!!!

3. Our maknae is doing so well~

4. Let’s go, Jungkook, let’s go

5. Daebak! Jungkook is awesome

6. I think it will last for a long time on the charts

7. Congratulations to Jungkook

8. Wow our Jungkook is the best

9. As expected from Jungkook

10. I love this song so much

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