BTS Jungkook simultaneously ranked 1st and 3rd on Global Spotify

Global Spotify Daily Chart

1st place is Seven

3rd place is 3D

Looks like Seven could break the all-time record

1. Congratulations, Jungkook!

2. Jungkook is amazingㅋㅋ

3. I really like Seven and 3D

4. Jungkookie is the best!!!!!!

5. Because the songs are good, the results are also good

6. Wow, Seven is amazing. The more I listen to 3D, the more addicted I become to it

7. Seven is like a zombie on the chart. I hope 3D will do well too!!

8. Jungkook is crazy

9. Hul Seven is a monster

10. For me, Seven is the song of the year and MV of the year. 3D is also good

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