BTS Jungkook sings 6 songs live at his first solo festival ‘Global Citizen Festival’



Still With You


Permission to Dance + Dynamite + Butter

The full video

1. I really like Jungkook

2. I really liked Jungkook’s live performance and I’m glad he did so well

3. He’s really doing so well, I’m proud of Jungkook

4. Wow, he is good at communicating in English. Jungkook is good at performing live

5. Wow, Jungkook sings live so well, he looks so comfortable and does all the choreography well when singing live, looks like a real pop singer

6. Why does his face look like a child’s?

7. Jungkook did so well, he’s amazing

8. His face looks so childish but he’s so good on stage

9. As expected, Jungkook is amazing

10. He is a stage master

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