BTS Jungkook surpasses 40 million followers on Instagram

1. Jungkook is the best on Instagram, I’m so happy

2. Looking at Jungkook’s Instagram, looks like he loves to dance, cover songs, exercise and share those things

3. I like Jungkook’s Instagram content, so I hope he updates it often

4. Jungkook’s Instagram is fun and interesting

5. But it’s lower than BLACKPINK, I’m surprised

6. I love Jungkook’s selfies so much

7. I really like Jungkook~ Well, he has it all (handsome, good at singing, dancing, good at composing, rapping, good at sports, good at art, good body, good mind, cute, cool and good at everything)!!!

8. Looking at the feed, I think he is living a very diligent life

9. Wow congrats to Jungkook

10. Jungkook’s Instagram is precious

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