BTS’ Jungkook tells fans not to go to him while he’s exercising

“I’m really thankful that you guys are cheering for me, and sending me lots of interest and love. I’m really thankful. Please don’t come to see me when I am exercising. I was really surprised last time.”

“When I am doing something, and I think of ARMYs, whether I am home or exercising, I turn on live streaming because I want to share. But then, when you guys come while I’m doing live streaming, it would make it hard for me because I am human too.”

1. BTS knows well that ARMYs generally respect and protect BTS’ privacy so psychopaths like that won’t even be considered fans

2. Sasaeng fans are stalkers

3. Such a sasaeng is not an ARMY. ARMYs will pretend not to see BTS

4. He really likes sports, so I think he absolutely hates when someone interrupts his exercise ㅠㅠ Jungkook must be having a hard time ㅠㅠ

5. I’m not a fan, but this is annoying

6. They’re not ARMY, they’re just crazy criminals

7. I don’t think those psychopaths are fans, they’re just criminals

8. Sasaengs are not ARMY

9. Sasaengs, don’t live your life like that

10. Sasaengs are criminals, not fans

11. He speaks so well. My idols have a lot of sasaengs too, but it’s really sad to see stuff like that.. I really hope sasaengs disappear

12. Wow, he spoke so carefully and kindly ㅠㅠㅠ

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Watch all these dumbasses still support stalkers “you worked hard ___nim, thank you for the pictures”


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If i was him i would call the police
Tired of this weirdos following him
This arent just sasaengs some of them are getting paid by antis to start new rumours

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WhatsThe Point

What’s crazy is these stalkers are not even fans, they just follow them to sell pics and information. They view idols as commodities.

And it’s hilarious to see solo fbs trend # abt protecting them when they are the first ones to upload any info they get private or not. And ofc he won’t have bodyguards, he’s going to the freaking gym he deserves some normalcy.


Sasaengs are not fans. This applicable to any kpop groups who got a sasaengs. They don’t see idols as a human.


this reminds me of the whole qatar issues tbh cause people there keep following him around , sure jungkook said and acted like he’s okay with it, even sometimes gives his own autograph, take pictures with the said fans but sometimes I think these people take his kindness for granted like use your common sense and stop following him around 😭


No, not the same things.While he was in Qatar its official and everyone knew he would be there. The fans were also respectful. But this. This is disrespectful to privacy and those idiots are still trying to justify themselves that “at least jk knew us now”😭like wtf.


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Thankyou for calling them out I’m genuinely upset for their avtions too…he genuinely loves his fans and shared personal life lil bit and these psychopath thinking they could cross his boundaries for that


The way he addressed it too kindly… sigh


I need those stalkers annihilated.


They warn us without break our hearts, they tell us everything we need to know. Don’t ask for more, know your place, they couldn’t lead a normal life, they got into trouble at young age, even if we had to help them lead a normal life, we tried to make things harder.

seungri is free

army of undead 🙂


Jungkook is way too kind for his own good cause we all know, including himself —since he brought it up to begin with—, that he most probably wouldn’t even have addressed this issue so freely if he wasn’t drunk..

It saddens me to no ends knowing they have to constantly deal with these weirdos overstepping their boundaries and never respecting the very clear line Bangtan have ALWAYS put between work and personal life.


You are Jk anti I know

Puck Jung Cock

If he say no, more reason for me to go, see and fap to oppa while exercising.


I pray God to give you some brain


Let’s see if this will make those nasty SS leave Jungkook alone!


This isn’t the first time he or the members called out stalkers. Korea should have had stronger laws to protect not only celebrities but the gp from these crazies. Gotta wonder why the government does nothing about it??

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