BTS Jungkook, the fastest male singer to surpass 500 million streams in the world

#1 among male singers
#2 among all singers

For reference, this is the ranking

1 Miley Cyrus ‘Flowers’ 37 days
2 Jungkook ‘Seven’ 43 days
3 Harry Styles ‘As It Was’ 51 days
4 Olivia Rodrigo ‘Good 4u’ 54 days
5 The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber ‘STAY’ 55 days

1. Jungkook is the most amazing person in the world

2. Jungkook really shows his skills as the golden maknae

3. Jungkook is amazing

4. The second fastest song in Spotify history to hit 500 million streams

5. I wasn’t surprised at all, of course I knew he was going to hit the daebak

6. I think he can hit 1 billion streams this year

7. The #1 male singer in the world?? Daebak

8. Our Jungkook is so cool, he’s the best

9. He’s making history, Jungkook’s solo is daebak

10. What’s more amazing is that the Korean singer ranked #1 among male singers in the world

11. I’m really curious and looking forward to his next album and new song

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