BTS Jungkook was caught smoking by paparazzi in the US

1. When I see someone with such tattoos smoking on the street, I’m so scared that I avoid them

2. To be honest, I don’t like tattoos or smoking, nor do I hate them, but I was disappointed when I saw the way he threw away his cigarette butts

3. I really hate seeing cigarette butts on the street

4. I really hate people who throw cigarette butts on the street, please stop doing that

5. Following D.O. smoking indoors, we see Jungkook throwing cigarette butts on the street

6. This is why I am prejudiced against people with too many tattoos

7. Daebak, is he an idol?

8. The US….Hmm, aren’t there a lot of people smoking on the streets?

9. It’s okay if he smoked, but why did he throw his cigarette butts on the street…?

10. Oh my god, Jungkook, please think about the group…

11. Does anyone know that Jungkook smokes? I think all BTS fans know that

12. Why did he throw his cigarette butts on the street?

13. It wasn’t indoor smoking so I didn’t think much of it

14. I’m not surprised

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