BTS Jungkook was praised for his change a few days before the World Cup was broadcast live around the world

BTS Jungkook had a hasty change a few days before the World Cup was broadcast live around the world

Jungkook, who performed as the opening performer at the 2022 Qatar World Cup

It was a live stage that was broadcast live around the world.

In fact, something changed after Jungkook arrived at the location and practiced

Initially, only dancers had choreography, and Jungkook had to stand still and sing

However, Jungkook decided that it would be better for the stage if they danced together so he asked to change it

The full video

In the world there are only 6 male solo singers who have surpassed 100 million views on YouTube with just one live video, and one of them is Jungkook (This is the World Cup opening video)

The remaining 5-member lineup is Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Charlie Puth)

1. Our Jungkook is very talented and works hard + but is humble and always dissatisfied with himself ㅜㅜ I always learn a lot from him

2. But Jungkook has the ability to command the stage so well, he’s good, he’s really good

3. He’s so cool on stage, but if you watch other videos, he’s also so cute. But he’s also cool on stage, that’s why I like Jungkook

4. Jungkook had a crazy career at that age

5. I’m a fan of female idols but Jungkook is really cool

6. He really tries his best on every stage ㅜㅜ It’s great and I’m proud of it

7. Jungkook is truly a genius but his desire to improve and his efforts are beyond imagination. He’s also a huge pop star on another level

8. I got goosebumps because it was so cool when I saw it on TV

9. Jungkook is a legend of all timeㄷㄷ

10. I watched it live and I got goosebumps when I saw Jungkook perform

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