BTS Jungkook x NewJeans ‘3D’ Challenge

1. NewJeans dances well

2. Wow, it’s NewJeans and Jungkook, I love this combination

3. The NewJeans kids dance so well

4. Wow NewJeans dances so well

5. I knew NewJeans would do well with thisㅋㅋ

6. Wow, everyone dances so well

7. They all dance so well…

8. Everyone danced so well, so cool

9. Every time I see NewJeans, the members all dance so well, they have no holes

10. Wow, NewJeans are the best dancers

11. Haerin dances well

12. NewJeans’ dance is so cool and trendy

13. Haerin is really a good dancer, I think she is one of the best of the 4th generation

14. I really like the 3D choreography

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