BTS Jungkook’s career wouldn’t even exist in the novel

Jungkook’s career wouldn’t even exist in the novel

19 years old: wins Daesang
20 years old: wins Billboard award, performs at the AMA
21 years old: the youngest person to receive the National Medal of Culture
22 years old: overseas stadium tour, performs at the Grammys
23 years old: #1 on Billboard Hot 100, nomations at the Grammys
24 years old: wins the grand prize in the US awards ceremony, nomations at the Grammys
25 years old: performs at the Qatar World Cup opening ceremony, nomations at the Grammys

1. I’m so happy that I’m a fan of Jungkook

2. I’m so jealous of him

3. He’s already a superstar, but I look forward to Jeon Jungkook more in the future

4. I guess that’s why idols should debut when they’re youngㅋㅋㅋ

5. He’s 25 years old? Well, he’s younger than I thought. His career will be even more brilliant in the future

6. It’s amazing that he’s only 25 years oldㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. Daebak, even after he got those things, he’s still only 25 years old

8. He’s handsome, good at singing, good at dancing, famous, he has it all

9. If you write a novel like this, you will be cursed because the male lead is so perfect

10. Jungkook is the best among the best celebrities

11. Aren’t these just BTS’s achievements? Those are not the achievements of a solo singer

12. I envy him, even in 10 years he will only be 36 years old

13. I’m really proud of Jungkook, he’s the best

14. Seriously, our maknae is the best, he’s so cool

15. Young, rich and handsome

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To No.11, of course these are BTS’ achievements, Jungkook is a part of BTS hence these are also his achievements. But that’s not the point here, the main point is he got all of these at such a young age!


And he remains so freaking humble… god he was raised perfectly


9. If you write a novel like this, you will be cursed because the male lead is so perfect

This is so funny but true 😅


Plus getting away with DUI and clubbing during home quarantine order


lying is every anti’s expertise these days


Lying is the only way to comfort yourself bcs your fave could only standing on the bottom of the podium & wishing it was them getting what BTS get 😭 and you’re jealous on behalf of your fave & now pathetically projecting😅


Well, seeing how he never did any of that makes it pretty easy to get away with.

And good for you for giving us a proper example of libel. Lying abt a person by accusing them falsely is certainly defamatory.

Last edited 10 months ago by EMs

i know it’s easy to lie on the internet but you really shouldn’t do it so brazenly. especially about things which can be cleared with a simple google search chutiya


the thing that amazes me the most is him being so humble despite all his achievements and the love he’s receiving. He deserves nothing but the best


and the thing that amazes me the most is how you don’t realise that jungkook wouldn’t hesitate to b/urn you if he had to keep his fellow members warm. how are you going to insult his members who are people he loves and then act like you care for him??


#11 is so salty. Jungkook is BTS. His talents made a huge contribution to what the group has achieved. Main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper, center and face of the group. EAT THAT AND CRY HARDER


Despite all these achievements, he is still humble. We can’t congratulate enough for that.🥺💜


whoever made comment 11 is the dum/best person ever because isn’t jungkook literally a part of BTS and all their group achievements are also his achievements because, like i said, HE IS A MEMBER OF BTS

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