BTS Jungkook’s Japanese fans donate 10 million won to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital

It was a birthday event

Looks like Jungkook’s Japanese fans followed suit after seeing Jungkook donate 1 billion won to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital in the past

1. Does Jungkook like sunflowers?

2. Wow, the fans who get good influence from Jungkook are also amazing

3. Thank you Japanese ARMYs

4. This is a good influence

5. Japanese ARMYs are the best, thank you

6. Both are cool

7. The fans are so warm ㅠㅠ

8. Wow, Jungkook is so cool and Japanese ARMYs are cool too

9. Jungkook fans are cool because they are like Jungkook

10. Jungkook is cool, the fans are cool too

11. Jungkook has a good influence and the fans are great

12. After all, ARMY is the best

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