BTS Jungkook’s solo album “GOLDEN” sold 2.43 million copies in the first week (ranked No. 1 in first week sales as a solo artist, ranked 7th in history)

1st place as a solo singer of all time

7th place in history

1. Wow, Jungkook is crazy. This album is seriously a masterpiece

2. It’s a masterpiece, congratulations to Jungkook

3. The album quality is amazing and the album sales are also amazing

4. This is my first time buying an album in 20 years. All the songs are good

5. It’s a masterpiece, I’m still listening to the songs from this album

6. I really like all the songs

7. Our maknae is the best!

8. Domestic sales are so high

9. I’m a muggle, for me he’s the most talented and he’s amazing

10. Congratulations to Jungkook. It’s a masterpiece. I love all the songs!!

11. I really like this album

12. I like all the songs and the album is also so beautiful

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